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awww its so hard when they go away
ok nobody had any insights on my work life so i will be more specific .. am i moving in the right direction? or beating a dead horse? do i need a new path? or keep trying?
Quote: Originally Posted by BelovedK Thanks, that sound like no honeymoon baby I am still hoping, 12 months seems like a long time. i think she knows what she wants to do. she is happy and satisfied. she must know when she wants to come
Quote: Originally Posted by hipumpkins I had to read the post again b/c I read the Dd as 20 mos not 20 years. I couldn't imagine what sort of job she would get lol, well her ds is 3 1/2, I think I am going to get him off to work next Quote: Originally Posted by mother22boys That sucks. I know it is hard to find work right now- Noah's been looking too. And our state has one of the highest unemployment rates in the...
yes i would be hurt, but not proud of it lol .... i hate to be left out. maybe she though she invited you and is wondering why you haven't mentioned it? ok that's a long shot.. have you found out if its a work thing or something like that?
Quote: Originally Posted by nadia105 here goes: Will my Dh complete his Masters and become a pastor? Is there something physically wrong with me? Will we move this year? What job should I be looking for? TIA 1 Yes! 2 you seem hungry.. maybe a nutritional deficiency? i am not getting any impressions on the rest
that sounds really hard. i know it is possible, but it might take some time. part of the problem is that you have expectations of him. that is a hard thing to let go of. realizing that it is about him, and not about you might help. have you read the four agreements? that book really helped me work on applying that concept to my life.
they all say they want to work but so far nobody has come knocking on the door to offer them jobs... well dh does get small jobs but it doesn't even cover his personal expenses. i mean i don't mind supporting him, he's done plenty of supporting me over the years, it just does not seem like he really tries anymore. the only time he really tries is when we are completely desperate. and the kids.. i don't even know.
Quote: Originally Posted by mandib50 so what are your coping strategies for days when you really need a friend but have no one? mdc!
Any insight on my life at work?
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