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I think it didn't hurt, I think she was a little scared but she knew you were there. I think she was excited but also sorry to leave you. I was blessed when my mama left to have a "midwife" of sorts present, helping guide her and myself through the process. It was the most beautiful experience I have ever had. I know it hurts so much ... in my opinion these bodies are such a small piece of who we are though.
Hi, I see your post has been read and read and no responses I don't have much to offer but wanted you to know I was thinking about your situation. I often have friends of my ds over for extended periods of time, while I know its not really the same but the way the treat my dgs (1 1/2) really gets to me sometimes. Usually I just take them to the side tell them the way I would like them to respond. And show them too. Sometimes it works .. sometimes they only do it if I...
I have been suprised by what I see at the high schools, and some of ds's friends .. but then I wonder what the 35 - 40 year olds thought about us when we were that age? ... i think it must just never end
That is so funny!! lol perhaps you are spending too much time online? once in a while I have dreams about tv characters .. I know then I need to turn the tv off lol
Somebody here wrote a poem that I think you will like ... I dont remember who, or where her post is but I have it coppied, she wrote it when her grandmother died, and it touched me alot and reminds me of my mother... here it is: We are all Born of her From her we have all been created In her blood we find our own. She is leaving us now. Her blood Her flesh Her breath. She is returning to her mother From whom we are all born. We are of her and she...
Happy Birthday Mom! Today is my mama’s first birthday since she moved on … I love you mom, happy birthday … just thinking of you today.. I am really glad you were born.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kerlowyn My son wishes he could be working part time this summer, but there are NO jobs in the area we live. I myself have been looking for a full time job for just over a year. I called many places for work for him; most of the jobs usually going to teens are filled by adults now, supporting their famlies. We went to the local Agway, seeing if he could get a job in the yard, filling customers cars with garned and building...
it must be denial ... sometimes the only thing that keeps you from crawling in a hole and dying ... i don't know ..
I think it really depends on the family nudity comfort level, but it sounds like your dh is not comfortable with it.. so why does he continue? I know our family has a pretty low level of comfort around nudity, but others don't and I would never pass my comfort level on to another family. In fact I wish we were not so uptight, I really admire people who can teach their children that its just a body, and not give it sexual connotation.
Quote: Originally Posted by stellimamo Nope its not illegal in most states. DH does it all the time. really? why?
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