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The best gifts I received were not from my registry. Handmade quilts and hand knitted sweaters were better than anything. I think it is rude to insist people buy from your registry. And if I were invited, I probably would skip the event and gift giving all together. I would be severely annoyed. Even if I planned on buying from the registry (which I usually do anyway). My suggestion is to purchase everything you need for your baby. That way you don't have to...
Quote: Originally Posted by tinuviel_k Woo hoo! I have "perfect color vision!" I got a zero. : Me too. That was fun!
I posted on your toddlers thread.
Here is my suggestion... Make sure you and your DH are on the same page. Every couple I know has gone through the "she/he let the child do something after I said no" stage. You must discuss how you plan to deal with these situations in the future and agree that if mommy says no the answer is also no from daddy (and vice versa). As for the car seat fight, I hate to say this is a stage but it is. Once your child realizes the car seat is not negotiable, he will stop...
I am so sorry.
Sorry to barge, saw this in new posts. I just wanted to say I was induced at 42 weeks and I did not have a section. I did the cervidil and got to 4 cm before I needed pitocin. You can still have a good birth with an induction. You have already decided what you want to do. Trust your instincts. If you are thinking the induction is the way to go whether or not you end up with a section, then I think you should just schedule it. It seems like it is very...
Love to see some responses on this too. I just took Jack backt o the vet because he is scratching bad. He has had two doses of advantage in a month and they still aren't dying. The vet put this stuff called "revolution" on him. Hopefully that works.
I like the toyota RAV-4
This is timely since i noticed my doggie was licking and scratching all day and night for the last two nights. We are 100% sure he has no fleas. I was wondering about food too. He is on Science Diet puppy small bites and 1/2 a can of science diet puppy chicken wet food (he had worms and needs it for meds but I am cool with some wet food anyway). You can give people benedryl to a dog?
Quote: Originally Posted by WaitingForKiddos I made DH piss on our front door. No idea if it worked or if the Nature's Miracle did it's job. The door was never peed on again. So, maybe get a guy to pee on the door, for a laugh if nothing else. and use Natures Miracle to clean the cat pee. OMG !!!
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