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Quote: Originally Posted by thekimballs He is VERY VERY cute. I don't see Boxer, though. Was the mom really a beagle/dachshund? Did you see pics of her? I found a picture of her on their site... She is definitely a dachshund check her out http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o...ppiesmommy.jpg What do you think the father is? I know it is impossible to tell but a few of you are not seeing the boxer so I am curious what you think.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekimballs He is VERY VERY cute. I don't see Boxer, though. Was the mom really a beagle/dachshund? Did you see pics of her? I haven't seen pictures of the mom. She is still with the pups at the foster home and she birthed them in the shelter.
Here are a couple of pics they sent me. I think these are from early last week. http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o...678/Puppy1.jpg http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o...678/Puppy2.jpg
I felt it. I am working in Santa Monica which is pretty far from the epicenter. DD is now playing at my feet after I went to get her from preschool down the street. When I got back, I parked at a meter because the last thing I need is to get my car stuck in the garage if it happens again. I definitely need a xanax right now. I have been through some major ones and they freak me out to no end.
I closed someones door once in the Target parking lot. They looked like they just put their packages in the car then left to go to another store in the center. I mean, shopping bags on the seat and the door wide open? I shut it and went on about my day. I would have appreciated it if someone did that for me if I was ever to leave my door wide open.
I think I understand what you are saying. I am sure my vet will agree with you too. I know a set of shots was done prior to 8 weeks. Then another was just done at 8 weeks. He will be 9 weeks when he comes home with us (Friday). I am so confused about the parvo risk and taking the dog out. Is it safe to take my dog to work with me (and let him outside to poop or pee)? I don't have any way of knowing if there are unvaxed dogs around because it is a public place. I know...
Thanks all for the opinions about sit means sit. I think for now it will stay in the back of my mind if I start having problems (meaning possibly use it as a means to solve an issue). It felt weird jumping right into a punitive type of training right off the bat. I parent my DD in a gentle manner (but firm - I am in charge of my house). I think this will also be the way I train my dog. I am not a push over with DD but I am not mean and punitive (and only punitive if...
Routine and basic obedience training is the plan. The collar is not what I would consider a shock collar. It is like a tens machine. Meant to startle not cause pain. I use tens machines for my neck injury so I know the intensity could hurt if turned up too much but if just right it would just startle the dog. Like I said, my sister did it with her rescue dog (that was older with very bad habits) and within two sessions the dog was great. And she didn't leave the collar...
Back for only a second (work is really busy today)... He is (yes - a boy) an 8-9 week old Beagle/Boxer/Dachshund mix (they think). He really looks like a lot like boxer puppy. His mom is a beagle/dachsund mix (they are pretty sure) but the dad is unknown. She birthed at the shelter but is now being fostered in a private home (along with her pups). There were four total in the litter (two female two male). Originally, I saw them online on Petfinder. I was looking at one...
Hey guys, thanks for all the advice. I adopted a rescue puppy this weekend and after he is neutered they are bringing him here to be with us. I have considered everyting here carefully and I am approaching this in a different manner (way different than my original plan). When I get into work I will give you some more info and ask some more questions! Thanks again truly! Dawn
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