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I also count the toilet paper and only flush after 2 pees.  I use vinegar all the time for all sorts of cleaning. I use brown paper bags for hair curlers. Sometimes while waiting for the shower to get hot, I place a bowl to catch the water and then use it for my plants outside that need watering.  -) PJJ
Hi Mamas, Does anyone know of an app that allows you to look for a grocery item in your local area stores and find the cheapest one? TIA, PJJ
http://www.njspotlight.com/stories/13/01/16/report-confirms-safety-of-childhood-immunization-schedule/   "While the report found that a randomized study would be the best way to conclusively compare the health of children who have had immunizations with those who haven’t, it also recommended against performing such as a study. That is because it would raise ethical concerns."   Seems like only in the pharm world is it unethical to do a randomized study.  They...
Hey mamas,   I need some cash and am thinking about selling some of my jewelry.   Anyone have any recent stories to share?   I called one place and they were willing this pm to pay $25/gram for 14K and $30/gram for 18K   TIA for your help.
Thanks for all the posts. We have sold the house (no debt now) and have moved to another state. I appreciate all your ideas/help. I am still working remotely at the old job for a few months, so I may not have the luxury of one year of stashing back.   Cheers mamas!  
Hi, So we have moved here to Madison Alabama and the "supposed" group that is progressive has this:   "It is the policy of ....that your child receive all immunizations and checkups recommended by AAP.   Failure to comply with this recommendation will result in dismissal from our practice for non-compliance."   WOW-We have already been assigned a doctor.   Anyone have any suggestions?     Please help!   TIA PJJ    
Hello, I am a WOHM mid forties mom who has only been a SAHM for about 1 1/2 year when my only child was little.  My DH always makes more than I do.  We have a year to plan for this  ( I am hoping to do this March 2012).  So for now my plan is to put all my paycheck in savings each month.  This would be a trial year to see how we could make it work.  We currently have 4 months in emergency savings and owe $65K on a house that is now worth only $200K.  We would have to...
I would say 150K-we live in the Washington-DC metro area.  
How about looking at this, just not as money but as a control issue. It seems like there is a lot of baggage about how his family operated while growing up and you are the beneficiary of that dysfunction. I am terribly concerned by the inequity of the relationship. I am even more concerned about your "keeping the peace" strategy. Please consider getting some professional counseling, as this seems like an unequal partnership. Good luck mama!!
I appreciate the heads up. I buy a lot of cotton. Take care mama.
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