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Strategy game like Settler of Catan, Kindle, unicycle, pet rats, Calvin & Hobbes books...
We have not tried the treatment center, but my 9yo has been seeing urologist which lead to treating underlying constipation and is starting to have dry nights :)  
These two things. Rule out constipation before assuming behavioral, not the other way around. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and even docs are quick to assume behavioral issues.
Angry Octopus by Lori Lite  
What she said.   Some good resources along those lines: Cinncinnati Colorectal center website It's No Accident by S. Hodges yahoo group encopresis kids   Good luck!!!!!  
Could it be physical rather than just behavioral? If it is better to catch it now than later. Google childhood constipation and encopresis.  Maybe check out the book It's No Accident (by Hodges, I think). Good luck!  
My dd has struggled with this for YEARS. We have worked with a specialist for 6 months and seen very little improvement. I recently read the book, "It's no accident" and found it to be more helpful than other books I'd looked at over the years. There is a yahoo group for parents of children with encopresis that I have found helpful. A lot of folks on there end up traveling to the Cinncinnatti Colorectal Center if when other options do not lead to improvement. Good luck!  
Maybe hang rings or swing (think Ikea) or put up a small exercise trampoline in her room and have a secret signal just between the two of you that she needs to go expend that energy in whatever special place/ way you can set up for her?
We have a thrift store in our area where a volunteer organizes the books by topic and the home school section has allowed me to preview lots of different curricula and resources. I just buy them by the box for really cheap flip through at my leisure and donate back what I don't like. It may be worth looking for a resource like that near you if you are in an area where there are lots of homeschoolers.  
Thank you all!  
New Posts  All Forums: