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Thanks for coming back for a follow up post!
I would just keep it put away and pull it out for special occasions.
Puns & jokes, paper airplanes, secret codes, tricks & illusions, etc. will get you cred with the 2nd grade crowd.  
We are flirting with homeschooling our two next year and I stopped by the lurk. No wisdom for you, but will be watching your replies.
It is a town home. Unfortunately, we own the land. 
All useful responses - thanks!
If kefir or drinkable yogurt would fill the same niche in your kids lunch box... we have had great success with 2oz and 4oz Nalgene containers.
I was a little unsure where to put this one, but decided here is as good as any since our issue is basically a big picture household management issue. I am going to ramble through the background info since I am not sure which details will be pertinent to getting good answers I will over share. Bear with me :)   We own a small 1970s suburban town home. We bought in 2005. Neighboring units have both turned over since then. Each sat in foreclosure for a couple years...
A friend from my foster org focuses on small dogs and blogs about it.
We also were emotionally ready to parent early in life and jumped in way before we were financially ready. The birth of our first child was a great financial wake up call. The best thing we did was open a second bank account when I was pregnant. We scaled back and lived off DH's salary and used mine to pay sitter and then put the rest towards paying off debt, which fell away quickly when we had all my after childcare income put towards it. Then we kept the same system...
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