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I have the Kelty Chuckwagon for Miles and I LOVE it! I've tried several others, but this one really fits him well. It has padding in all the right spots and has mesh to ventilate. He's 63lbs and wears a medium. ETA: Here's a photo of Miles wearing his pack.
Quote: Originally Posted by Frogmorest Your video made me cry... I don't know why but it did Ha! Sometimes I cry when I see dogs and their humans working together too. I remember when I was quite young my mom took me to go see a police dog show. I cried when I saw how bonded the officers were with their dogs and how much those dogs wanted to do nothing but work for their human even if it meant death. Then again, I'm weird
Oh and here's a video of our Jumpers run from yesterday! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRM57efAOCk
Rue did awesome! She totally rocks--I am head over heels for that little girl : She didn't miss a beat in the hotel room and didn't have any potty accidents. She and Miles played with their toys and she slept quietly in her crate all night long. It was like we never left home. Rue also did just perfect at the trial. Her attention to me is unreal for such a young pup. She watched a couple of dogs run with interest, but quickly shifted her focus back to me every...
Gorgeous boy! His muscle tone in unreal.
Aw thanks! There is still a lot of room for improvement for us, but I am starting to see inclings of the boy I know in practice coming out in shows. Mesa - I remember talking to you before about agility. You and Austin would LOVE it
Well, we're back and I have some fantastic news to report! Miles and I Q'd and finished 1st in our first ever AKC trial today : We had a fast, clean, and happy run on a challenging Jumpers with Weaves course (he was only 1 of 2 dogs who Q'd). We only entered the one class today because Miles still isn't doing his teeter (seesaw) in trials yet although we're getting there...finally (he's doing them publicly at least). Yesterday we traveled to a totally new trial...
Ugh, that's so sad. I don't know what to say other than I'm sorry for your friend having to go through this and to have such an unsupportive husband Poor doggie.
Wow, he looks great (and enormous--wow)!
Puppy K for SURE! If not for the training then at least for the socialization and playtime with the other puppies. Since he left his litter so young he really missed out on those important doggy skills.
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