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Oh wow, they are super cute! I can't believe how big and furry they are already!!
Yes I use "OK". A lot of trainers will tell you to pick a different release word though since "OK" is used so commonly in daily speak. So it's up to you what you want to use, but I would definitely use a word to release the puppy. Some people use "free", "done", "release", "party", etc.
Baby puppies naturally don't like to stray too far from their den. They also will naturally follow and even get underfoot. These are all good instincts as they protect them from getting hurt. If the tail was up I'd say pup was perfectly comfortable especially if he was facing forward and keeping pace with you. If he were scared I would expect stiffened body posture, tail down, ears pressed flat, stiff mouth, whale eyes and he probably would be pulling at the leash...
Definitely do NOT let him out of the crate when he's whining/barking unless you want him to always bark/whine to get what he wants. He needs to learn that quiet calm dogs get what they want. I know it's difficult but you need to wait until he's quiet for at least 10 seconds and ideally longer, but you will probably have to do this in baby steps until he gets the idea. I'll tell you it took about a week of being very consistent with our new puppy before we could...
That's awesome! Gives me chills to hear/see dog-human bonds like that
Or try these. But yeah, keep her under close watch!
You can give her chlorophyll in her food to help disguise her scent right now. I need to go see how much
I don't know other than maybe giving him less at a time (take it away after 30 minutes or so). Miles will get the runs if he gets too much marrow at once, even though he's raw fed. I have better luck with leg bones than with knuckle bones as there is less marrow in the legs, but then you run the risk of tooth injury with the harder leg bones.
Thanks! Rascal is a handsome boy too Do you know what his dad was?
Thanks all : We leave tomorrow so I'll update when I can. Rue will be along for the ride to get more exposure to the excitement of a trial and also this will be her first stay in a hotel room....maybe I will need more luck for that!
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