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Ok I'm begging for some good vibes here.....
I use Grizzly Salmon Oil squirted on his morning meal daily. Then I mix Synovi G3 granules in with his evening meal. He loves the taste of both, but you could also do fish oil caplets if your dog doesn't like the fishy taste. My older Golden has grade 1 elbow dysplasia and is asymptomatic, but he's a very active dog both in agility and in daily life so I'm trying to keep him from having problems down the road.
Is this the really young pup you had posted about before? The one they got at 6wks? If so, then it's totally understandable why he's biting so much--he was removed from his litter too early to learn bite inhibition from his littermates. Of course, that doesn't mean he can't learn it, but it is up to you and your family to teach him what his litter would have. This article should give you some good ideas, but basically he needs to learn to inhibit the force of his...
Definitely make sure to keep your dog on the skinny side, continue regular exercise, and supplement with fish oil/omega 3's and glucosamine. Some folks advocate MSM, but I am not that convinced. You may also want to consider the diet he's getting...switching to a raw diet should prove to be very helpful for arthritis.
Miles and I have several agility trials coming up starting this weekend through December. I'm excited and nervous because we're finally starting to trial well (we've dealt with lots of confidence/fear/motivation issues over the last 2 years) and I'm feeling the pressure! This Saturday is a NADAC trial which is generally a very "easy" venue, but we're competing at a new location which adds some stress. Sunday is our first AKC trial--YEAH!! The following weekend is...
What breed is she and do you plan on doing anything with her competively (ie. agility, obedience, etc.)?
Is there a theme to the litter?
i'm so very sorry :
Oh I'm sooo sorry In my experience, prednisone can be a wonderful drug when it comes to pain control in cancer. My last Golden suffered from nasal cancer and we had him on prednisone for a long time. The difference in his mood was incredible--he was like a puppy again until it got closer to the end. I would certainly consider trying it and, if he has really bad side effects, you can always stop it. As far as telling you kids, I don't have much experience in that...
ITA with the PP. Dogs really should be eating a carnivorous diet for optimum health.
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