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Canidae did recently change their formula around so it's very possible that he's reacting to the ingredient change! Also, make sure he's not eating too much as that can certainly cause gas. You could try probiotics for a while too. I'd be inclined to stick with this food for another couple of months to see if he gets used to it and if not, then try a change.
Quote: Originally Posted by jlutgendorf I the one of them on the park bench with Rue trying to get down! And Miles looks so calm and assured, what a pretty boy! And i love the ones of them racing around. ok, i love them all! I need to get out and have Robert take some glamour shots of the girls. ~Julia ETA: who was the Aussie that Rue was playing with? Thanks! The Aussie was just some random guy's dog who wandered into the...
SOOOO cute! I love his name too
Sorry for the gratuitous pet photo posting lately, but I have some more We had a friend of mine who's a well-known pet photographer in the dog sport circuit do a photoshoot with my dogs last Friday. We met at a public park and we all had so much fun. The dogs were quite cooperative despite the fact that it is SOOO hard for Rue to stay in one spot for more than a nanosecond! She blogged about them here. This is the link to the rest of them. The password is...
I don't think you can de-escalate once she's reacting. At that point it's a matter of damage control, ie. removing her from the situation. She's reacting because she's unsure, not because she's aggressive or hates men or is racist or anything. She's probably a bit insecure at baseline and when she sees something/someone unusual she reacts. A reactive dog will rush toward something or someone that he is uncertain about, barking, lunging, growling, and making a big...
Well you know that I think Goldens are great, but feel free to ask any questions as you're doing your search! Rue is doing great and we're figuring out what makes each other tic. She's a ball of fire and so much fun!
Aw, cool! You guys will do just fine. He's well-trained and you know how to handle him, so I predict everything to go smoothly. Have fun!
He's a JRT, right? How old is he? I thought SAS was pretty easily picked up on young pups--has he ever been know to have a heart murmur before?
Good luck to you and to Chance!
Quote: Originally Posted by SachaMacina cuteness itself! You just want ot hug her to death! Send some pics to www.cuteoverload.com, I think she's qualify.... congratulations! Off to check out the link, thanks!
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