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Quote: Originally Posted by oneKnight If she likes chicken necks and tripe, why not feed her plain ole raw instead of Bravo? For what it's worth, Dusti will go through a week where she eats 3 chicken legs plus whatever else I feed her a day and I'm thinking OMG how can we afford to feed her, then a week or so later she'll barely eat one chicken leg all day and I'm thinking what is wrong with her? Over time I have gotten more used to it and I don't...
Just be prepared to keep him busy and give him a job. You MUST post updates when you get him!
Oh wow he's such a cutie! Looks like he's got some Australian Shepherd in him
My dogs ALWAYS trade bones, always. I think it's totally normal for them to want what the other one has. I typically will put out more than two bones just to be sure that there are enough. Miles, being oldest, will sometimes hoard the bones, but Rue can and will take one back away from him without an issue. I wouldn't ever give high value things like raw bones to the dogs when I wasn't around though, just in case! ETA: What portion of her back hair was raised? ...
HOORAY!! That's the BEST news I've heard all day : Give him a big hug for me!
Glad he's doing better! If you can afford it, the canned food would probably be best for his kidneys
Aw thanks ladies! Yeah the puppy zoomies are hilarious...Miles still gets them sometimes too and he's almost 3yrs old! We call it the "my butts of fire" dance Julia - so far I've been concentrating on basic manners, the standard "sit", "down", "stand" postions, loose leash walking, non-formal recalls and stays, and I've taught her two tricks "shake" and a nose touch to a target or my hand (useful for further obedience training and agility). I've also been...
Could be diet change, stress, worms, coccidia, or worse (ie. Parvo). How's he acting?
Wanted to show off some new pics of our puppy, Rue! My brother and his dog Bert (who we took care of for about a month in July) were down for the weekend and the three dogs had a great time hanging out! Here's the three getting frisky and chasing me around. Giving me a kiss. Then I sprayed her with the hose to make her CRAZY Beautiful head shot. We're having so much fun with this little bean. She's learning a lot and doing great with her housetraining. ...
Congrats!! Just one more to go, I'm sure he'll get it at his very next show
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