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I removed the casing stitches and elastic and sewed down the new elastic over where the old one was in the seam allowance. In retrospect, I might just remove a bit of the stitching at the top and bottom of the casing and thread new elastic in there and tack it down at the top and bottom of the casing. The back was a little trickier, as there's more to undo stitch-wise, but if you can open the ends to make a tunnel, you can do the same and thread the elastic in and tack...
I chose 1 for my almost 2 yr old. She is 26 lbs or so and will rf to the limits of her seat. I chose 7 for my oldest daughter who at 5.5 yrs is still only 30lbs (just barely) and she is forward facing, but technically could still rf. She was rfing past her 4th birthday, when hubby and I decided that she was old enough to choose. She chose to be ffing. I made sure that she is in a tethered seat with a 5pt harness. And I really like that her radian has the safestop...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nature With 3 girls at home already there isn't much I need to buy. same here. (except we have 2 girls) We let Abby pick out a onesie when we found out I was pregnant. And I've made a couple of things, mostly knitted woolies, so like $5. I've got enough girl clothes to have octuplet girls and not need to buy a thing.
I'll be birthing in a hospital unless a home birthing midwife reveals herself to me. I live in a very remote area in Northern NY and have had no luck finding one. But I really like my CNM who attends deliveries at the hospital and she attended Georgie's birth. I'd really like a doula this time to help me manage labor and push me when I want to cave for meds. (with G I was induced and had some nubain and a spinal) this time I'd like to go without. But I am having a...
I am Bridget, due with my 2nd bio kid (3rd kid total) on about Oct 22. I am still in disbelief that I am pregnant! (My husband was widowed when Abby was an infant, we married when she was 2.5yrs and I am now formally adopting her.) I am still nursing Georgie who is 18 months old and will likely be tandem nursing for a good while give how much this girly likes to nurse! But we are thrilled to welcome our 3rd baby! :
Phrases I often say, "Gentle Hands!" "Please be mindful of (the end of that sharp stick and your sister's eyes, etc.)" "Please let Mama help you." (only when I really don't want them to do something alone, like hot, dangerous situations.
I sounds fine but make sure the airbag is off and the baby is in the outbound side (to prevent the driver's airbag from any possible contact.) My niece rides RFing in a no-airbag pickup and I feel she is very safe, mostly due to the fact that she is still RFing.
I love the idea, but haven't tried them myself yet. They sure beat the pf/scrap of fleece crumpled combo we used. (And I kinda know the mom who makes them, and she is totally dedicated to her customer service and is already working on improving them even more!)
I love how nursing is the ultimate expression of mothering, literally nourishing my child with my body and love. I love the drunk look too! And the best is that for over a year now (since I learned how to nurse laying down) I have no idea how often Georgie wakes at night to nurse. I love the fact that no one has to get out of bed to get a bottle, make formula, etc, etc. And hubby (who bottlefed Abby after being widowed) thinks it is just magic that we sleep and nurse.
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