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Welcome to Boise! I work outside the home, so I don't have much opportunity to do any moms' group kind of things. My best suggestion would be to check the Idaho Statesman parenting forum webpage at http://www.idahomom2mom.com/ I hope that helps! Casey
But remember you're bringing your own good energy and respect there.
Quote: Originally Posted by EFmom Instead of thanking dh for keeping them from being named in a lawsuit, the administrators try to make him force the kids to say it periodically. That's purely ridiculous. You might as well be mandating that kids pray to the flag. Isn't it somewhat similar?
I noticed that some of you who answered on the other thread mentioned leaving out "one nation under God" when you say the pledge. Speaking for myself, I have never said the pledge. Firstly, the sect I used to belong to said that you shouldn't pledge your allegiance to anyone but God. After I left it and realized I was an atheist, I decided not to say it because I don't believe in pledging my allegiance to something I have no direct influence on. I mean, the...
In the long run, I'm positive Sookie will end up with Sam. Of course, I'm only on book 6 now, but I'm pretty sure that's why Harris hasn't found her someone to settle down with: she's waiting for the series end to identify that Sookie and Sam are going to be together.
I love using the online system to place books on hold. I can browse Amazon for books I'd like, then go put them on hold at the library website. When it comes time to take my 3 year old daughter to the library, I can just grab the books off the Hold shelf and then take her to the kids room. No more having an impatient preschooler waiting while I try to find a book on the shelf I'd like to read!
YES! My library is ordering 8 copies and I put in a hold request and am #7 in line, so I should be getting it as soon as they do! Whoooo!!! On the other hand, I'll be devastated when it's all wrapped up. Those characters really live for me, and I hate the notion that there won't be any more of their story to read. This is the last book, you know.
I too have thought that our energy must be released somewhere. I like the idea that it maybe all gathers together and we're able to draw from a sort of cosmic pool of experience. I also love the thought of being able to heal past hurts of others by how we're able to give peace to strong negative emotions. Very cool. Keep up the interesting discussion, please!
Quote: Originally Posted by cappuccinosmom To physically stop every person intent on carrying out some evil would require a constant suspension of the laws of nature. Even if he just zapped them with lightning, in many cases that would still result in problems for others, because what happens to one individual rarely affects just that person, even if we're just talking about physical stuff. Oh, I see. I was thinking more that God could...
Quote: Originally Posted by cappuccinosmom Physically stopping every single bad choice from coming to pass would leave the world in a permanent state of chaos, and that would also affect others. : ( I'm not sure I understand why that would bring chaos? Also, why not restore humankind to the state of perfection Adam & Eve had pre-Tree of Knowledge?
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