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Quote: Originally Posted by elisent I loved the originals, although I don't think I've ever seen them all the way from beginning to end. We weren't allowed to watch them growing up because of one of the words in the titles. Guess what word! I wasn't allowed to watch smurfs or care bears either. My mom was weird. Me too! It was a religious thing for us--I'm guessing you were probably brought up the same denomination as I was.
Is it possible to get plugged ducts nearly a year after weaning? I have been having some aches in both of my breasts for the last couple of days. I've done two very thorough self-exams and cannot find any oddness in tissue (no lumps or thickening), and I'm confused. They seem to ache more if I am lying on one side or the other while sleeping and then shift position, or today when I was working out I was laying on one side and when I moved, that side hurt. The ache is...
I love Steep and Cheap for outdoor gear, clothing and shoes. I get Keens on there every now and then for $30/pair and their customer service rocks!
I'm hearing rumors ING is in trouble--I pulled my money out and will put it in a credit union, I think. There was an article in the news last week or the week before about how ING was trying to reassure its debtors that it did have the money to make its payments. Sort of weird, and a very anal-retentive financial friend told me he thought it might be a good idea to find another place to put my savings. For what it's worth.
AWESOME! There are rumors of feral pigs around here (DH is a game warden, so he hears lots of stuff), but nothing like that kind of a deal. Wow--lucky! Were they all flea-infested?
Hi, Shaunda! Glad to see you here.
Quote: Originally Posted by TiredX2 Wait a minute right there! Did you read all 7? And liked them all? If so, you will be the first person I have ever met who was satisfied with them post-book 7. Add another one to your list! I didn't love the ending, but felt it was satisfactory. (Funny you should use that word, because that's what I was thinking about the ending.) I re-read the series every few years.
Quote: Originally Posted by ribbon Sunshine by Robin McKinley I was just coming here to post this--glad someone else did! I'm almost done with it and just love it. Another wonderful book is McKinley's "Beauty." That's one I re-read every couple of years and have since junior high.
My DH quit carrying concealed a long time ago--it was about the same time I talked him out of the fanny pack! I couldn't handle the fanny pack and he couldn't think of any other way to conceal it. I don't think he misses it at all anyway. So how's everyone faring through the economic troubles? DH's department is definitely taking a hit--they were just told FTOs cannot get any overtime for the training periods. It was super-low anyway, five hours per week for a...
Not to get too detailed, but can you check and see if you can have one by yourself? I found that I could do that, and then once you can relax and not worry about that, it might be easier for you to have one together with your partner.
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