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Thanks guys! I hope some other people are crazy enough to go, too. Quote: Originally Posted by octobermoon she's pretty. her feet and hands are by her face! all squished in. what was her position? is she head down? i so want to see my baby right now i almost can't stand it!!! we didn't have any U/S so far and UGH! You are so tough - I can't imagine not getting one! It's such a bonding thing for us as a family. The kids LOVE seeing...
Quote: Originally Posted by 1babysmom I have the same one. Bought it brand new for $80. Several of my friends have this one from ebay- http://cgi.ebay.com/PINK-3MHz-PRENAT...1|293:1|294:50 I have that one. Works great! No complaints at all. I rented an expensive one the first few pregnancies, but this one was truly just as good. Laura
Here's Emmeline! (31 weeks) ETA: Here's 22 weeks - way different! Having a 4D ultrasound is a total guilty pleasure for me. Look, our babies are getting some chub on them! In looking at these pics today, I am reminded why I don't feel feet in my ribs... she's bent totally in half! Anyone else been for a 4D? Share your pictures! Laura
www.creditkarma.com gives one score totally free and you can update/refresh when you want. It has credit simulators and all that, too. I have used this site, and the score was accurate, and I have not received any email spam or anything. They can't make any weird charges since they don't ever ask for a CC. (At least that I can tell.) So annualcreditreport.com for once a year REPORTS, but if you are curious about your score (one, at least), creditkarma.com will work. Laura
I got some premixed RRL, pepermint, nettles, etc. online (this stuff), but man I just can't drink the amounts I am supposed to! I am such a water girl, so it's hard to drink that much of something that isn't water. (I end up craving water.) I really need to try to just keep a bunch on hand for iced tea, but I have been dreading it. Soooooo, I got some RRL capsules and have been taking those. I know it's not the same (at all), but I still notice more BH after I take my...
This baby flip flops from her back on my left side to her back on my right. She tips transverse sometimes, too (with head still down - not fully transverse). She hasn't flipped head up or down at all, but moves in every other way possible all day long. Laura
Quote: Originally Posted by 2boyzmama But now this morning that old familiar bulge is right under my ribs...be it head or butt I don't know (will find out tonight, see my midwife/doula team). If I didn't know better, I would *swear* that the bulge under my ribs was a head. It's feels so hard and round - especially if I am laying down. But, we had a U/S this weekend that confirmed she's head down and hiccups are all super low in my pelvis. Where...
We have someone come once a week. She's amazing and we love her like family. I can't imagine not having her there - it's the best money we spend each week! I am going up to twice a week for a couple of months starting in a few weeks. Did I mention I love her? Laura PS. We pay $80 for 2700 sq ft. There's a thread in the finance section on this right now with more details on what she does for us.
Quote: Originally Posted by mkksmom OK, now I only say this because I love you, but you ladies make me so nervous when you post your full names and hometowns on such a public and popular forum and your registries give that info. I have been on forums for too long and heard too many stories of stalkers and such. Sorry I'm such a mother hen. Hehe, it's part of my career to be as findable as possible online (web marketing). If some crazy out...
Working through the end of August, I think. I didn't really intend to be working, but it's been great. I will take probably 6+ months off after the baby is born. I know me, though, and will work from home part-time soon after birth and right up until delivery. It will work itself out, but this is the first time I have worked outside of the home being preggo. My others were tiny when a sib was born, so I was at home everyday. Laura
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