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Mine is hard to calculate for a small amt like that. I feed one adult and three kids all meals and snacks for $450ish but that also includes three extra kids on weekday mornings. So I do bulk cooking along with a few convenience foods since I'm a working mom but I also feed a lot more people than you.
I was just saying this on the low income thread yesterday. All of a sudden prices jumped again. Things have gotten tough.
Just grocery shopped. So depressing. $74 later I carried five bags up the stairs. :-( I just don't know how we'll make it sometimes. Bills are paid. Rent is paid. Safe for another two weeks until it's all due again. sometimes the struggle seems so futile. Got my house cleaned and laundry done today since we were getting really behind on it all. Took the kids to visit my parents and play outside in the backyard so that was nice. I actually have a lot of hours coming up this...
Well done Rhu! Very good usage of your food! I'm digging in the freezer for food this week trying to avoid the grocery store. These kids are so expensive to feed. Dinner will be some sort of tempeh, peppers, celery, onion, tomato.......sautee.......thing. it's going to be mexican-ish I think.
You guys are so quiet this month.  I hope all is well.  Zebra, I know you are struggling but please check in and let us know everything is okay.  You know where to reach me if you need it.     My computer broke so I'm guessing I'll be mostly lurking or short posts only.  Typing on my phone is difficult sometimes with it being so small.      Miss you all.
Rhu i messaged you a question. Crossing my fingersfor a new job. Happyhats, thanks for taking our rain. ;-) i hope the diet continues to be a success for you. It's so hard! Ifyouneed any encouragement, you know where to find me. FB messages go right to my phone. Frugalmama, thanks for the idea about the gift cards. We got a welcome basket this morning with little toiletries in my move in meeting this morning. I don't know how it happened but I found two paychecks in the...
^^^^^^^^^  what she said.       Gratefuls: -we were able to grocery shop yesterday(just me and the biggest one) so there's food to eat. -Made peppermint patties so that feels like a treat.   -it's a lovely sunny day out so I'm taking them hiking this afternoon. -I have a lot of hours next week at work and a potential new babysitting job for a newborn. -my new contacts finally came in.  I don't know if I told you all but I found them for literally HALF PRICE per box so I...
Thanks happyhats.  I can't find it under that amt.  I haven't seen it at Aldi's yet but I'll be on the lookout.  6 months ago we had only one or two organic things in the entire store.  Now they have TONS so it's worth a shot.
Soooooo.......your kids suffer because you are a B?  That's nice.  Really nice.  Can you take him back and say you changed your mind on the garnishment?  Also, does your state let child support do all those filings for you or do they make you do it?  My state does it for me so all I have to do is say that I am not getting support on time and their lawyers file motions for me and tell me when to show up in court. Don't let him control you still.  You don't deserve that.
  I know right?  My apartment complex comes in every 3 months to inspect as well.  I was fine with that(well, I guess I am) but every 2 weeks with a social worker?  Seriously???  And really, a financial class?  I mean, I really am debt free.  I have minimal bills  that I don't HAVE to have.  THEY told ME I needed rental assistance and couldn't afford the full rent.  Rent at my old place was $945.  Full rent here is $820.  Ummmm, I could pay it.  I don't need your rental...
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