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Both of mine were seen by a doctor within a few days of birth. We were having major nursing issues with my first and saw a pediatrician per the advice of our wonderful LC to have him evaluated for tongue-tie. With my second I took her into the doctor just to get her established as a patient and I'm awfully glad that I did since she ended up with pneumonia when she was 3 weeks old. If she didn't already have a doctor we would've ended up in the ER, probably with a spinal...
Do you have a TJ Maxx near you? I found lots of various formulas from this brand there just yesterday: http://www.eoproducts.com/Categories/Hair/Shampoo.aspx They had shampoo and conditioner in large 32 oz. bottles with a pump for $9.99. Not bad, IMO. Phalate-free, SLS free, etc. I would've bought some BUT over the weekend I found 6 bottles of a similar brand (Hugo Naturals) on clearance for $2.99 each at Kroger grocery store of all places!
I work full-time to send my kids to private school ($3k for Montessori preschool, $5k for Montessori elementary.) Even without private school tuition I would still absolutely need to work, but I would be able to get by with only working half-time. We've been debating homeschooling so that I can cut back my hours.
We are seriously contemplating homeschooling our children. My dh works a typical 9-5 schedule and I work full-time as well but primarily evenings/weekends. We've had this kind of a schedule for several years now and it works well for us. I think this type of arrangement should lend itself well to us being able to homeschool but still have two incomes.
I haven't seen this addressed yet and if I missed it I apologize, but for right now why can't he stay in his current job while looking for a new job that is something he might enjoy better? Instead of looking at reducing his hours is there a reason why keeping an eye out for something better isn't a possibility? In the meantime, if he does decide to reduce his hours, I would also suggest that the OP looks for some sort of paid employment. She could work...
We have an older, very drafty and energy inefficient house that does not have a fireplace. It got really cold here in September/October but I really resisted turning on the heat. I did use an oil-filled radiator style space heater a few times to take the chill out of the bathroom before the kids' bath. Eventually though we had to turn the heat on- when it dipped down to about 60F in the house I caved in. Luckily we only had to run it periodically for a few days. We...
Offer childcare?
Quote: Originally Posted by lalaland42 If you are using it for pureed soups and smoothies, I'd probably get an immersion blender instead. They are smaller and easier to clean. Oh, and they don't get stored on the counter. I got one for $50 from Target and use it all the time. Exactly what I was going to suggest too. I have a really nice one that I got for around $40 at Sam's Club a couple years ago. That being said, I'm a total kitchen...
If your toddler had a known immunodeficiency and is prone to getting pneumonia (she has had it twice so far) would you consider getting the pneumococcal vaccination for her this year? I'm really torn. The kids won't be getting flu shots, but I am concerned about dd getting the flu and then developing pneumonia.
Quote: Originally Posted by 2happymamas Does anyone know of any local organic apple orchards? I would LOVE find an orgnaic orchard so I can make & can my own applesauce. Any suggestions? You should have just asked. Yes, Musgraves. It's only 10 minutes from here.
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