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Thanks, no he isn't fully retractable yet, just can see the tip of his penis, not the full head yet.  We haven't done much with his penis aside from teaching to wash, etc and no retraction aside from what he does himself.  It is so hard to find a physician that knows what an intact penis should be doing at different stages!
I took my almost 7 yr old to the pedi today bc his penis has a little infection(swollen and pus). He's getting a med to go on it. Anyway she mentioned he had quite a few adhesions and mentioned may need to have him circumsized. I'm not wanting to go that direction and was hoping someone had some advice to help with the adhesions.
Yes with all 3 kids. Age 9(in a few days), 6 and 5. The youngest has been sleeping on his own for about 6 months now but occasionally does come to my room once a week.
A routine helps all kids! I have one ADHD kid and possibly a 2nd and another that is quite literal. Our schedule: 630 wake up and potty and brush teeth, then get dressed 700 eat breakfast 715 leave for school 230 pick up from school and have a snack 300 I have my 6 yr old on a pooping schedule so he sits on the potty then 315 everyone starts homework 400 outside time 530 dinner time 630 we start baths 715 tv time 745 read bed time story 800 brush teeth then bed It's...
My 5 yr old has been day trained for 3 years now.  We used cloth when he was a baby but as he got older, he just wet through everything so we switched to Huggies Pull-ups at night.  He is now 5 and still a heavy wetter but not as bad as before.  I see no end in this night time wetting anytime soon as he isn't waking up dry even 1 night a week.  So, I'd like to get some cloth night time pull ups if they have any.  He is almost 40 pounds, tiny waisted(he could wear a size 3...
We will be applying too(for our 3 children) so I'd be curious how they do it too.  We are relocating though from LA and they already have it here so I hope it is a smooth transition.  I won't even get paid until 3 weeks until August(start a new job end of the month) so I don't know what to expect!
My 8 yr old was diagnosed right before first grade, after a horrible kindergarten year.  His self esteem was in the toilet and his academics were slipping.  He had a lot of trouble making friends due to his hyperactivity and impulsivity.  We did choose medication and it's been the best thing for him.  He prefers days he takes his medications bc it helps him feel more in control and to do things he wants to do but before he was unable to do.  And to me, it's the same as...
If going to the theater-Monsters University and Despicable Me 2 are the 2 my kids are really looking forward too.  To rent:  My kids really liked Horrid Henry, Escape From Planet Earth, Rise of the Guardians, Brave(one of my favorites).   There are a lot you can get through Netflix, or free from Amazon Prime if you are a member.  Redbox has a lot of the new ones too that you can get free with codes.
We are very familiar with bullies.  Dealing with them is a fine line because it's easy for yourself to turn into the bully and threaten the child to not ever do that to your kid.  Yes, what the kid is doing is wrong.  But it is a learned behavior from either home or being bullied himself.  My oldest has been bullied repeatedly by our neighbor kid who is in an abusive home.  We do not allow our children to play with those kids because they are basically becoming abusive...
The IFSP focuses mainly on goals.  You will set specific goals that she should be meeting language wise and then work towards those goals.  They automatically age out at age 3 and can then be evaluated to see if they qualify for services in the school system at age 3.
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