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Congrats Kate! Your birth story was wonderful and little (uh, big) Eden is so adorable! I am so happy for you!
I'm so sorry that you have to go through this! I had an emergency induction 3 weeks ago due to a placental cyst that was by the cord (cutting off nutrients to the baby) so I know how crappy inductions can be. I would definately try the castor oil, I did that with my last pregnancy and it worked. IF I would have had more time I would have tried castor oil with this one before I allowed the pitocin I hope everything works out for you! Hugs
Dawn- I am so sorry- know that you and mischevium are in my thoughts and many prayers are being said for you. I hope you continue to feel welcome here- you are very loved!
Well, I did end up being induced on Friday night and little Hannah was born at 1:43 am on Sat. March 21st. The induction lasted about 8 hours w/ 9 minutes of pushing. I did end up having an epidural but I don't regret it like I thought I would. I was just such a nervous wreck and my hypnobirthing did nothing for me. My last baby was au natural and do I feel some sort of accomplishment at least doing it natural once. The cyst on the placenta did appear to be very close to...
I feel a little better now- I just have decided that it is better to have her here and safe- no matter how it happens. I am hoping that we won't have to induce- but it doesn't sound too likely. I have been having contractions all day so maybe I will just go into labor on my own! I'm going to the hospital now, if you don't hear from me for a couple days- you'll know why!
I'm so sad- They found a placental cyst near the umbilical cord at my last ultrasound a couple weeks ago and I just went in to get another this morning. It seems the cyst has grown quite a bit and they are concerned about the growth of the baby- (she was 5lb 8 oz). So I am waiting for a phone call from the hospital and it sounds like an induction is likely. I really don't think that I can handle a natural labor if they give me pitocin and I feel terrible about that....
Geez, I have really been slacking on uploading the my photos! Everyone looks amazing! I love looking at the progression of our pregnancies- It seems like it has gone so fast! Here are my most recent pics. I know its not the ultrasound thread but I had to include my recent ultrasound picture- since she now actually looks like a baby instead of an alien 36 weeks http://www.flickr.com/photos/30857200@N06/3362122542/ (nevermind the messy room) 35 week...
He is soooo cute! Congratulations!!
My first was fully vaccinated- my second hasn't had any. I really considered doing the Dtap because pertussis scares the poop out of me, but my husband always has terrible reactions to the tetanus part of vaccines and so that is always on my mind. This next one won't be vaccinated either. DD was exposed to the chicken pox this last weekend- from a child who 'caught' it from her vaccination . I am glad that she has been exposed so that is out of the way- but really hope...
I'm right there with you! I am trying really hard to finish making all my diapers amongst all the other crap that needs to be done around here and am finding it soooooo difficult. It's not really that I am tired, just feeling lazy and totally uncomfortable. I keep hoping that will change soon
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