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My examples with memorial day, and passover were just that - examples - not exact parallels. I understand that some Native Americans have requested that "we" not call it a blessingway, but I have also known many many many people *IN* the Navajo (Dine) culture specifically who are more than willing to share their traditions. One loud voice doesn't necessarily speak for all, kwim? (and by the way I wouldn't personally call it a blessingway if I were having a mama...
JacquelineR - I wanted to say thank you for sharing your own opinion & insight too... its good to hear from someone who is speaking directly for herself and the people she knows on this subject. I can see where you're coming from in a lot of ways, and can't blame you one bit for feeling that way. One thing that stuck out for me was the statement, "We *had* our own words. They were taken from us. We found new words... often more than once. Please don't take our words...
First - an apology to the OP for going off to original topic, especially since its something I'm really interested in, and I really do want you to get some good answers to your questions... I'll try to contribute some ideas soon as well so that I can at least be giving something back to the "real" purpose of this thread. I am going to post my response to the Blessingway stuff over on the Blessingway Thread. HERE is a link to my post in response to what I read on this...
I'm moving my response to the Blessingway? thread over here.... i haven't read through all 11 pages, but I think I have a fairly good gist of what's going on. Also - before I begin, i'll note that I am part Caddo and part Comanche. I grew up in the Southwest, surrounded by reservations & Native American culture. Many of my best friends were full blood Native American (Many Dine/Navajo), and my mother was inducted to the Yavapai Tribe there as an honorary member, so if...
going to just reiterate cranberry juice... and LOTS LOTS LOTS of water. Your pee should be nearly as clear as water with a barely noticable yellow tint. Flushing it out and having probiotics in your system will help more than anything (besides antibiotics, which i know you may not want to take). If you can't seem to get a handle on it soon, go to your dr. for help... the spasms in the bladder can cause contractions if you're further along.
I just did a search for peppermint on the same site (Wikipedia) and no where on there does it talk about it being a emmenaquque, or that it stimulates blood flow. Rather, it says that it reduces stomach cramping, reduces spasms in the intestines (intestinal spasms sometimes cause contractions), and is known to relax muscles on contact (and in a "complex form" the uterus is just that - a muscle). Just a little FYI.
I'm not personally a doctor, but through all of my pregnancies, beginning in the first trimester, it was reccommended to *smell* peppermint. Ingesting it in large amts may be a different thing, but I'd imagine on the skin in small amounts (and rinsed away like in a shower) or just smelling it would be fine. If you have questions, I'd suggest calling your Dr. or midwife
This pregnancy doesn't fit into this category but my last pregnancy did, with DD2. We tried for 17 months, and lost one baby along the way. TTC for so long really is such a difficult thing. ***HUGS*** to all and many happy baby wishes for all your lovely "sticky" babies
I absolutely love the idea of a book shower
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