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yay! i think i'm getting in by the end of the week!
i have some fleece (cheapy), some tee shirts, flannel, and that's it... what can i do with that.... would i need to add more? if so, what? (i of course also have notions like elastic, velcro, etc)
right now i have a sweater for dd on the needles, and i'm also working on crocheting up a really soft blankie for my oldest out of some pretty eyelash yarn (she likes textures) i am also getting ready to start crocheting up a bunch of kitchen stuff for my youngest's birthday coming up, and want to start crocheting some scrunchies for my mother's birthday also.
i was gifted two garbage sacks full of acrylic... i am going to make a bunch of items for families who are in need... i imagine that if they are cold, they wont care if their sweater or mittens are made from acrylic or natural fibers I know I didnt when we were in that situation!
thank you so much! those are perfect!
i made a twirly skirt for my youngest today too - and it was SO EASY. I am going to make a bunch more, and may make the skirts the primary thing for their winter wear with only a few pairs of pants and one or two pretty dresses for special occassions. http://houseonhillroad.typepad.com/photos/twirly_skirt/
try doing things like checking freecycle for listings, or post on freecycle that you're looking for fabric - you never know what you'll come across! i just came home with two garbage sacks full the other day from a generous freecycler who was stash-busting. i think with compacting, to buy something new, it pretty much has to be a *neccessity* (like underwear) that really has to be *new* for sanitary-type-reasons (or something similar). good luck mama and have fun!
I'm getting ready to finish up my kids' winter clothes (its still warm here so we have a little time using what we already have) I am going to be sewing up their pajama pants today http://www.rookiemoms.com/make-some-easy-kids-pants and will probably make a few cozier pants using a similar pattern to wear around the house. I am looking for a good pattern or good general instructions for long sleeved shirts, cute winter dresses/skirts, etc. I have a bunch of...
oh my gosh - those sound fantastic!
i just did the math and at the current rate, i'll be in, JUST outside of a week from now! i cant waiiiiit!
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