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This is interesting information, but again - its been said over and over on the other thread. I think the OP "gets it" based on her like 3rd post... I'm kinda bummed to have read through 25 posts and seen maybe *3* on the actual topic at hand - something I'm interested in (mama blessing & celebration)
yes - its absolutely okay to breathe/smell peppermint oil in pregnancy. as a matter of fact its recommended by a lot of doctors to help with nausea.
there is ammonia in all urine... if it smells really really strong of ammonia, it might not hurt to have your urine tested for extra protein. Extra protein could mean a couple of different things that your midwife would want to be in on, so its good you're talking to her tomorrow, but i wouldn't worry too much.
I'm just really curious how many of you are off-the-grid with your children, how old they are, and what they think of it. How is life different / better / worse for you with kids off the grid? We have two kids, and another on the way. My oldest has Autism & developmental delays so that also plays into things. We are so excited about someday living off the grid, and are doing what we can now from where we are in the city... but I'm trying to weigh the positives &...
I think the big reason they dont allow you on the slides is that you could flip over, or flip out of your tube on a turn and land on your belly... i've done that not pregnant and it doesn't feel good - i couldn't imagine landing on a pregger belly, or what that might do to baby. Almost every waterpark i've been to has liability clauses too.
is it woven cotton or knit?
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeendless options. Sewing: baby blankets, quilts, bibs, diapers, burp cloth, diaper bag, bumper pads, etc.. Yarn crafts: shorties, longies, sweaters, booties, socks, hats, blankets and SOOOOOOOO much more
Quote: Heavier women often don't gain during pregnancy Some dont, at least not at first... but most women do gain, and its healthy to.
absolutely without a doubt 110% positive
I just wanted to say it is SO GOOD to read these stories!! i'm pregnant with my 3rd and have been so worried
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