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thanks for your responses ladies! i dont think antyhing would ever come of this crush even if i really wanted it to... Its more just a googly-eyes kinda thing lol.
just wanted to offer some hugs and support to everyone here
I feel that i can understand where people come from, but am not bi myself. Its interesting to read this thread, and I find it educational too
oh very cool!!! i didnt even know there was something like that! i will keep my eyes peeled thank you!!!
Thanks so much for the replies!!! Barter's Market is a bartering message board I created shortly after posting this thread... it is just *waiting* for more members to join and start posting some stuff... i'm hoping to have some more mama pads and waldorf dolls up soon (none yet though!) - anyway - that's one board that i know of...
the only one we need to buy for this year is our youngest - who is turning 1 next month... I'm actually hoping to make most of her clothes... hopefully I can get busy on that before it gets much cooler! I think I'm going to be doing a lot of pillowcase dresses, moccassins (spelling!), and tights.
LOL! well i'm having fun with it and have been sewing for a few years (though they're really not that hard if you have a good pattern! - I designed these ones). I was able to explain to DH the benefits of cloth and he agreed to the cost of flannel fabric - i found a great deal on fabric and stocked up (clearance - and SOOO CUTE!). Since I have so much fabric to use for it, I've been going crazy making them. I love that I'm bartering off a lot of these... Mostly...
^^^ what she said but i'm also loving ylang-ylang and myrrh for perfume.... very sensual (nice for when i want to have a special evening with dh!)
I've been sewing them and sewing them and sewing them some more! lol!!! i've made so many pads and liners that i'm actually bartering some out! the really funny thing? i'm enjoying sewing them so much that i want to make MORE! who knew that mommy pads could be so addictive!
thanks so much for the replies!! I will definitely be trying this out.... to see at least if they take to the pot! also - thanks for the tip about transplanting trees from other areas! I will be especially careful and make sure that its okay!
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