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Wow! Thank you all so much!!!! I think starting small is a great idea There's so much I'm excited about that its hard to pick just one thing to start with... but I'll try to pace myself : I'm really encouraged that so many of you have supportive (or at the very least, non-oppositional) dh's/so's! oh! and prairiechild - could you maybe share that laundry soap recipe with me? I am also starting to make our own dryer sheets so our laundry will still have a nice...
OK so really you dont have to convince ME - its DH who is feeling a little ... unsure... its that "but we have a perfectly good dryer!" thing he's all for living healthier, but i'm the one that is more interested in living naturally. any suggestions on how i can sell him on this?
I want to start to grow a pecan tree using the tree i have in my yard. There appear to be little seedlings growing around the base of it (i'm assuming from the pecans that fell last fall that we didnt pick up in time). Would it be best to pull those up (they're too close to the other tree to flourish anyway) and replant them into a pot until they get bigger? We want to move it with us when we move (18 mos from now). I cant imagine NOT having a pecan tree growing in...
we're going to be here until may 2008. so - we'll be here through one harvest season and one spring (long enough to get the plants all ready to grow grow grow again before the house goes to the new owners) I really do want to have a fruit/veggie/herb garden- we have three pecan trees out back too (that i am DESPERATELY going to miss btw). It is not in a really high-income part of town, and this is a family size/style home... so I would hope that the people who move in...
ohhhhh - ls = long sleeeeeeeve!!! : doh! sorry as for adding on the skirt... do you have a pattern at all? I'm really into pillow case dresses. i've seen some really cute ones where the bottoms are pillow cases... here's a link to what i mean: cuuute dress hth!
if you havent checked it out yet, check out the vegan lunchbox. she uses a really great lunchbox that has tiny tupperware containers included and she shows you how she sends stuff for her son's lunch every day. hth!
Quote: Originally Posted by woolywahm Hi md, I am also a wahm sewer and would love to talk! I have lots of ottobre mags that I currently use and if no-one else answers your post, you should just go online and subscribe or buy back issues. They have a great site that allows you to view all the patterns in every issue, plus you can get a free pattern when you order i think. I think its ottobredesigns.com maybe? or just google it. I have been...
its www.ottobredesign.com
ls = ?? (sorry - new to some of the terminology) how about pillowcase dresses?
How about starting a pro-board message board? they're free
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