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do you find that bartering is a good way to help meet yours and others needs? if so, can you give any tips to a new barter-er? where do you find people or groups to barter with?
: So - i've been thinking and planning and thinking and planning... and I am SO ready to jump into the more natural lifestyle. mommy pads, cloth wipes, natural foods, cutting back on consumerism, focusing on quality of LIFE (not stuff), and bringing up our children the same way. I dont think my mom will be as much a problem as she just kinda goes "hmm! well ok - tell me about why you chose that" and then is supportive... hubby on the other hand, typically doesnt go...
how about a fabric ball with all sorts of fun patterns and textures. You could also make fabric blocks with the same idea. theres always the possibilty of making her some darling little clothes too (love ottobre for this). and some matching booties or hats!
i bake with my girls - my oldest LOVES to help and my youngest loves to eat LOL! I've been making clothes for dd's dolls out of old clothes that had stains on them etc (that were able to be cut around), for her christmas presents. the only cost is thread, and i have a bunch around here so really, its free. They are remodeling the house next door so I asked them to save their scraps of sheet rock and I'm going to paint on them to make rustic looking "signs" for the house...
LOL!! only if you're insane like me and making everything this year
I'm very interested in doing this more - but I dont really know where to look. Where do you go to barter or trade items? thanks in advance!
ok! whew - i am officially signed up has anyone thought about dedicating this novel that they're writing in november to a family member for their christmas gift?
i am definitely going to sign up if there's still room - i've got some ideas for my characters too... cant wait!
92 items (not counting the give-away's i sorted out and have yet to count from dd's room and the guest bath) PLUS another 3 give-away's to my mom tonight woo! brings me to 95
I'm working hard to get some of the bigger ones out of the way now before things get hectic! I just finished cutting, piecing, and pinning a quilt top *SOO* : about that!! I need to finish up some clothes for one of dd's dolls and get to work on some eye-pads for dd's doctors and nurses for christmas as well while i'm waiting to pick up our cotton batting yay how are you coming along??
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