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does anyone else use vintage patterns or fabrics? I'm so addicted to just about anything vintage (think 1950's or older), and have started quite the collection. I'm wanting to start making some stuffed animals (i'm totally inspired by While She Naps ), using vintage fabrics. I'm also wanting to make some vintage aprons, and table linens, etc, to give as gifts and decorate my home anyone else do this?
wow! thanks for all the links! i cant wait to go check them out!
another voting for ottobre! if you dont want to get the subscription i would suggest getting a back issue (you can see them at their website that will run you about $16 including shipping and includes about 40 patterns
i need to make a quilt and some dolls and clothes... and some mama pad thingys'.
ok - going through some of the supplies at hand... lol.... mini scrapbooks for: hubby, brother, mom, teacher picture books for: dd1 and dd2 matchbox earring/ring box (with 20 boxes) for mom (finished) and everyone is getting an altered wire picture holder (also finished)
i'm making a bunch of waldorf dolls for dd and her physical therapy buddies (about 5) i am also making dd's occupational therapist a rag quilt for Christmas. i made a huge list of things i want to make for people, but then i realized how i was trying to declutter... and that i can use some of the items i have in my craft stash to make stuff rather than trying to be all original and coming up with new nifty ideas... so i'm revamping. *sigh*.... back to the drawing board!
one thing i've seen that was really successful was having a "5-cent box" a "25-cent box" a "50-cent box" and a "$1.00 box" - all out by the curb. the 5-cent box could be anything... little things you dont even know what they are, etc... stuff you'd almost throw away... but its there so people will want to see.... then just throw things in as you feel they're appropriate in the boxes.... i'd put 4 different color stickers on items so people dont swap them in the boxes...
i've been a scrapper for a long time, but i find that i too am accumulating more than i'm actually scrapbooking. i need to go through my supplies and figure out what it is that i want to keep and use, and what it is that i can bear to part with (which as another poster wisely stated, is completely different from what i could part with). I find that i typically use only a small bit of paper out of a 12x12 sheet and ues a solid background like kraft or plain colored...
and is anyone else finding all kinds of goodies they forgot they had?! i found tons of face creams and lotions - the milder ones without scents, etc, i'm giving to the kids for after-bath treats i also found two bottles of essential oil - jasmine and eucalyptus! i cant wait to start using those again!
whoops -forgot to post my running total... 67 items from before... +25 throw-aways from the bathroom _______________________________ = 92 items so far (and i still need to add up the 2 laundry baskets full of give-aways!) still need to do our master bedroom, our closet, our master bath, dd's closet, the kitchen, the living room, and our storage room.... i am SOOOO going to make it to 500!
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