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you might check out oklahoma too - just north of TX - just as hot unfortunately tho. Its also a bit cheaper than Tx in my experience
With this pregnancy (which was TOTALLY unexpected) I was having symptoms about 10 days before AF was due. So basically right after conception. Nausea, exhaustion, etc... I thought I had the flu. I honestly didn't think I was PG until hubby insisted I take a test 1 week post AF being due.
I hope you get your +!! with my first i only had faint lines. I took 4 tests before I finally called the DR.
This is my 4th pregnancy (will be my 3rd child as one PG ended in MC). My first and second pregnancies were awful. First I had toxemia and preeclampsia, irregular heartbeat, anemia, high BP, preterm labor, and so much swelling my skin started to burst on the backs of my legs & arms, on my belly & on my back. With PG #2 it ended in MC On Christmas. With PG #3 it was picture-perfect. No MS, no complications. Felt great the whole time. Only thing was 7 days of...
I am so so sorry I have experienced pregnancy loss also, and I think you're right that the boundless joy just isn't there right now. Its so hard to let go and just be happy. 5 more weeks and I can relax just a bit. You have 3 more weeks and you'll be in your 2nd trimester... hopefully that will help ease a little bit of the stress. have you heard the heartbeat yet? I've heard that once you hear the heartbeat the chance of MC drops substantially. Hang in there......
I'm in week 3 of Dec!!
its very possible its a big baby, but it could also be twins. any family history of twins at all? Sometimes its just a fluke though If it were me, I'd get the ultrasound, but I'm also very nosey when it comes to seeing inside my uterus (so curious lol)
i voted find out and keep it a secret. Really, I would just suggest that you pray or meditate before you go in for your ultrasound and ask that if it is right for you to find out now, that the baby would be in a good position to see what's goin on. If not, then baby will hopefully be in a shy position and not showing off his/her stuff. With my 2nd we weren't able to find out even though we desperately wanted to. I also have a dear dear friend with 6 boys. She has...
I'm dealing with INCREDIBLE ms too, and have been doing a little research. I'm going to try benadryl to see if it helps as its another "DIY" over-the-counter help. I can't get into the doctor for at least a few more weeks (long story - grr), so this is about my only shot. I've heard conflicting stories about the B6. Some say it works WONDERS. Others say it makes things worse. Its probably one of those things you have to try to see if it helps. Ginger has also...
with my first pregnancy i was around 18 weeks I think. With my second child (third pregnancy) I felt flutters around 14 weeks. I'm hoping for a little earlier, or around 14 weeks this time around.
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