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This wrap is currently sitting at a consignment shop in Portland, OR. If it doesn't sell, I will re-post here.
I make these a lot, and eat them cold when I want a snack ;-) http://sleeploveeat.com/2010/03/15/mammas-meatballs-and-marinara-sauce/
Today's contest post over at Mark's Daily Apple is a call for Primal/Paleo recipes. So many good ones linked to already! I think I'm going to have to try Chicken cooked in Coconut Milk sometime next week (without the rice)!
    I think with grains, and their effects, we need to take a longer term point of view. They are not - in most people - going to have an immediate effect on how we feel. What they CAN effect is how our bodies function and how we feel mentally. And this is where keeping a food/symptom log can be helpful. After my first big cheat (grain-wise) I spent an entire day in a brain fog - my thinking was slow, I wanted to just lay on the couch all day, I even had trouble reading...
Lazuri, have you heard of the low-carb flu? It's a silly name for what sometimes happens when we change our eating - we feel worse before we feel better! In your case you have that bit of feeling better before feeling worse. But I wonder if you just need to give it more time? I don't know what your time frame is here...how long better, how long worse. I also went through some not feeling good stages in the early days (first month or two.)  Have you looked into leaky gut...
I'd guess I'm close to 90/10, or have been (this week probably closer to 80/20). My biggest downfall is that one of my best friends owns an awesome cupcake shop     But today is day 150 (that's ~5 months). I'm down 25 pounds, 4 inches in the bust, 6 inches in the waist. I think if I didn't have a co-sleeping nursling, I'd have lots of energy.   My hubby just started reading "The Primal Blueprint" and he's getting on board. He doesn't need to lose weight, per se,...
Breakfast ideas: salad, smoothies, leftovers Ideas in the comments here Lots of recipes here, including yummy Primal pancakes Or how about grain-free granola or hot cereal?
  I would actually recommend the opposite - white rice is the least offensive grain (according to Sisson), and lentils still have phytates, IIRC. But yes, if fermented, it will be better.
Going off the top of my head:   Hooray for seeing so many Portland-area mamas on here :)   Re: recipes. Here are some sites I recently compiled: Blogs (often have recipes): www.marksdailyapple.com www.robbwolf.com everydaypaleo.com www.growinguppaleo.com/ www.archevore.com/ http://primalkitchen.blogspot.com/ http://paleoparents.com/     Recipes/Food (or "What will I...
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