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BUMP. I have PCOS it sucks.I was wondering about the Progestorone.It sounds like a good thing to have.Most Pcos symptoms sound like low progest symptoms. I am also wondering if anyone with Pcos has used DIM or D Chiro Inositol?
My 3 year old was helping me in the bathroom blowdry my hair.He had got in the tub and before I could get he had the razor and cut his tummy. My razor is not old old but I have had it for a month or two.It had my hair in it and some rust on it. I hugged him after as he really needed a hug then we went and I washed it up and then put hydrogen prox and neosorn on it. I am worried about that razor having bacteria on it as its in a slimmy shower.Its the bathroom I hardly...
Yep My dr called with my results.For my LH and FSH test. I HAVE PCOS I also have insulin resistance.I will see a endocrenoligist next week. I am so mad on all the money I spent on weight loss crap. I don't want to take birth control pills I AM STRONGLY AGAINST THEM.I don't judge people that take them they just are not for me. I know nothing about metiform? Spelling my dr noted something about taking that. I feel so lost and sad.Hugs to the women here...
Not to much stress and def not low body weight I am about 165 lbs. Couls it be Pcos as my dr was concerned about that.I have no facial hair or pain down there.And yeah the Cm is normal
I am going nuts.My periods have went from brown to none The past two months not a thing just my normal CM. I have had my blood test taken.Prolactin was great Thyroid was normal. I am waiting on a FSH test,cortisol,and insulin R. My Dr prescribed me provera to bring on a fake one.I don't want to take it and don't know what else to do. Why am I missing them.I have not had sex for quite a few years well since I made DS 3 Is this normal?
I got a executive panel done. I will post more when DR sends it in the mail. I have ALL the thyroid symptoms.Dr said my results were normal range.He did want me to come in for a prolactain test.On the basis of still producing a little milk getting engorged,and missing a few periods My T4 was 1.1 My TH was 1.7 Please help me figure this out what it means good or bad.I know mainstrem drs are a little diffrent with reading results. Thank You kindly
So confused.The last few months my periods have went to just a brown color and very light with one day of red blood.Now I have no period it skipped a month. I am not pregnant as I have not had sex for years don't even have a sex drive. Still in my late 20's so I guess it could be premenopause Any though on what might be the cause or how to fix it.I talked to my Dr & he said lets try birth control pills. I have no money to go to another DR.I am so fed up with my...
Oh thank you A pashmina is a big scarf right ?
Just found this post from a few months ago. I love all the 80's fashion right now. I love the ankle pants and heels LOVE IT. Oh and the sweater dress they are my fave. What's sad is I have always been a 80's gal & now when its in style & safe to wear I am to dam short & chunky to wear it
Does anyone know how to make or put on a belly wrap out of a sheet. My friend is having a baby and wants to wear one after she delivers to hold everything in & for her back pain. She really dose not want to buy a store wrap as she is plus size. Thank You
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