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I don't know why I couldn't find it! Thank you so much. You are a star!  
I haven't been on Mothering in a while. Before the overhaul, there was a stickied thread with personal descriptions of miscarriages. I can't remember which forum it was in. Is it still around? I hope so! That was the best place on the internet to find out what to expect in during a loss?
I do a very basic time line of progress markers in the labor. VEs, ROM, what time she called me to alert me of labor, dilation. I don't find it intrusive, since I only record basic info and I keep a pen in my pocket and a long strip of masking tape on my pant leg/skirt. I can easily jot down a time and "VE, 7cm" or what have you, when things get busy.   All my clients have been appreciative. When I type up the time line, the notes also sometimes jog my memory of a...
Was that an on-post ped? I've heard so many bad stories about the peds on post! I've yet to see one with either of my little ones. It is correct that they are required to offer it, but you are at liberty to decline it. If you need the statute, I can post it for you tomorrow. I know lots and lots and lots of mamas here in NC who've refused it. GL on your birth. Are you giving birth on post or at CF?
Vit. C and zinc will strengthen the bag.
High doses of Vit. C can help reseal a leak. PM Spark...she did it and knows the protocol. GL in whatever you decide.
Super idea! I'll file that away. I especially think it is so important to get a few good pictures when I'm with a mama whose dh is deployed. Though, now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder if I can take pics at the hospitals around here during a c/s. I know that you cannot take them of a vaginal delivery.
Fantastic update...baby has turned vertex! My client is no longer scheduled for a c/s! Now I'm just hoping for her to go soon, so he doesn't have a chance to flip back. But she's gone from 1cm to 3cm in the past week. She'd been having lots of contractions since he flipped, so that's looking good, too. Thanks for all the help, y'all. It's always productive to talk through scenarios, cause you never know when you'll be in that position...
Thank you all...great advice from everyone! Mamabeakley...that is an interesting point. I will have to think about whether or not I am comfortable with that. You are correct that we are not related. It would be easy enough to get a POA drawn up at JAG. Don't know if she would be comfortable with it either. But, as you said, they don't at all have to listen to me if she is out. Lots to think about...
My client was hoping for a VBAC, but now, at 38 weeks, has a breech baby and a low-lying placenta. They've scheduled her for a c-section. She is still trying to get the baby to turn, in hopes that they would then work with her to still labor for a vaginal birth. Meanwhile, she wants to make sure she is super-prepared with her c/s birth plan. With her first, they knocked her out, which she doesn't want. She also wants to nurse asap and maybe even have the newborn exam...
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