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I can't believe no one gets the constant e-mails asking for parent volunteers to help with the hearing and vision screenings ;-). That's how I know it's that time of year again and to expect the letter in the mail in about a month that my kid has failed his hearing screen. Again. We only find out the results if there are issues. We never get a note saying congrats your kid has 20/10 vision! Just sorry, you should call the district audiologist for a more comprehensive...
Good for you!
Unfortunately, I found out the only thing that worked for my guy was to spend the money. I spent more up front but was able to pass them down to his brother and some went on down to neighbors. My poor ds2 didn't own his own brand new pants until his brother hit 16ish and stopped growing.
1/52 - pair of socks for DS 15 (so they were big!) 2/52 - pair of mittens with flap ( originally for me but a bit small so giving them to my sister for the Holidays - made from 50/50 Buffalo yarn and super wash merino) 3/52 - sock monkey for DD 20
He generally forgets and it's 3 days before my birthday. And it bugs me - a lot. But possibly not as much as the years he has forgotten mothers day (my first) or the winter holidays (several). I know some people don't care about those either but since he expects to be the. Enter of attention on his special days, I really would like the same.
My youngest kiddo goes to a slightly bigger K-12 school (245 ish) so we have staggered start times and no buses but he has always gone to school for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. The younger grades use the hours to really get into their subject matters and the 6th and above take a week at a time three times a year for "intensives" where they either go on an adventure trip or intently study on area of about 15 to choose from. He goes to an experiential school. His brother...
I am subscribing to this as I also have teens; one currently in college at home and a Senior. We have been asked if we would like to get it since my first teen was 16. There has been one Menigitis death here at the university in our city (about 26,000 students) within the last 10 years and the adult hockey league took a hit with 3 deaths and 2 other cases about 3 years ago (my son was in the same locker room within the week of the outbreak). One person got it and died...
Because we have graduated licences here in CO, I feel reasonably safe. Most of the boys my son has ridden with are farm kids who have been driving since they were 5 ;-). He also drives friends around, but for 6 months after he got his license the only people he could drive around were his siblings ( by law) so they reported on his safety. And since he drives standard shift I don't have to worry about his friends driving my car.
My 15 yo ds started using the microwave under 2 (about the same time he started doing laundry - he's still a weird kid 😃). He started really cooking at 4 or 5, and a real chef's knife and hat at 6ish, I think. Before that he was using our kitchen knives which are pretty sharp. He is now my go to guy for getting dinner started if I'm working late. His 17 year old brother can make Mac and cheese from scratch and his sister who will be 20 tomorrow can (sometimes) boil water 😉
My name is kinda common and my dh shares his full name with an actor so hundreds of thousands of hits there. My kids were born before the Internet was readily access able for popularity name checking so my middle kiddo has a fairly popular first name to go with our semi popular last name- we found out at the orthodontist that there is another boy with the same name, born the month before in a town 20 miles away. And he found another in NC (we are in the west) when we were...
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