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With my 2 oldest we always say if both of them were playing in a mud puddle my dd would be covered from head to toe and ds wouldn't even need his hands wiped off. It's just their personalities. Sounds like some of your issues aren't that she's "messy" it's that your Are frustrated that she's chewing on her shirt not using a napkin, etc. and for that I would say just keep plugging along with teaching her those skills.
I wish there was a way to recycle but I think it all comes down to transport.  They are much more lightweight than cans so more can be transported as cargo for the same weight which ultimately, with gas prices, allows companies to transport more at the same price.
We left our kids home alone for a week at 17, 15 and 13.  We were accross the country.  The oldest still doesn't drive and the 15 year old only had a permit.  There was a big snowstorm while we were gone and they lost power for 5 of the 7 days.  We also lost a bunch of branches.  My 15 year old took care of all the ones on the roof.  The 13 year old walked 2 miles each way to school so he could get one hot meal a day.  The other two only had to walk accross the field. ...
When I was 8 or 9 my parents took my sister and I out of school and we drove from Rochester, NY to San Diego on the southern route and back on the Northern. Some of the best childhood memories - EVER. We did it all in a 1975 Ford Station Wagon.
The Boys and Girls club here is also open all day on schools out days. We did a mixture. Now they are teens we mix camps with staying home for "down time"
I just had a thought though.... SOMEONE must be ok with private school and achievement or there wouldn't be one, right?
I have a story very similar to yours. Pulled my youngest from the school his older siblings attended for much the same reasons you are and we had a spot at a magnet school. We did our best to keep he and his best friend together as they were both pretty quirky kids. It went well up until best friend went to middle school and my guy was dropped like a hot potato for the bigger pond.... We never told anyone but them why we left. But a couple years later we found multiple...
Our Parks and Rec system has their own farm and does something like this and the town south of us contracts with one. A couple of our local CSAs also invite volunteer farmers.
We have found that our dancers and gymnasts of either gender pay more attention to their parents than they do to the instructor if parents are in the room. Both rooms are built without spectator seating because as a rec center we don't hold recitals or competitions. But, at least in our area it's to keep down on the very disruptions that the OP is talking about. Kids running back and forth to their parent, sibling disruptions, cell phone usage...
I work at a rec center and I share an office with the coordinator of Children's classes. We DO enforce our no siblings, no parents in dance/ gymnastic classes except for the last day, etc and you would be amazed how much flak we get. Just this week a mom pitched a complete fit because she could not be in dance class the whole time with a disruptive sibling (parents aren't allowed In the room at all - our mirror is see through from the other side). My office mate gave her...
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