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I hope you continue to do well. You make the best decisions for you...
My son plays highly competetive ice hockey.  As one of the captains he is one of the few players that is allowed to talk to a ref.  In a high school game on Sat night when he questioned a call he was told that he was just jealous (of the ref) because he skates better than he (my son) does.  Worst reffing ever at the high school level.  And my son't team is terrible; he plays for another team competetively.
 We've done the second, but doing a search, I found the first http://www.kidsbowlfree.com/state.php?state=MT , https://freebowling.amf.com/   If you have a Cinemark Theater http://www.cinemark.com/summer-movie-clubhouse   Our locallibraries do a ton of free things as well.  There are story tellers in differrent parks, puppet shows, etc.
My son's Chiro does his sports physical ;-). He does have a regular physical with a male led about every other year, but way more expensive if he hasn't seen him already that year.
#1 (g) 40 weeks ( on due date) #2 (b) 41+4 #3 (b) 40 +3
Both my parents and sister and family live in Cave Creek; I live in N CO ;-)
Right at this minute I have chicken taco soup cooking in the crockpot. I threw in 2 extra chicken breasts that I will pull out and shred for chicken tacos that we eat tonight. The soup is for the weekend. Breakfast for dinner can also be good, and still healthy. I find if I have a two week plan so that I know at least what we are having each night it really helps. So one night the first week we may have chili and the next week we might have chili topped baked potatoes....
Two of my 3 would think they had died and gone to heaven... and my dh would be following!
I used it recreationally in college and It honestly didn't do much for me but I'm sure it was a lousy grade. I live in a state that has decriminalized it for adults. I'd love to hear more about ingestion as I sleep like crap.
I work at a rec center, they come all the time :-)
New Posts  All Forums: