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The eating habits of my own family are very different than what I grew up with.  While I had a lot of home cooked meals, they were definitely not the best quality ingredients.  The cheaper the better it seemed!  Now we have loads of healthy food from local sources when possible, which a focus on vegetables and fruit.  Yum!
Took the evaluation!  My son is very spatial.  :)
Nice to hear others are without AF!  My girls are almost 18 months and still nurse at least once at night plus daytime.  I have the moodswings star8kitten along with cramps, occasional spotting, but no more.  It's great really!   My girls are on the small size, but we still tandem feed most of the time.  Sometimes they pull hair and hit when eating, but for the most part they are content.   
Gindugirl I'm in upstate NY, no not to close to NYC if that's where you are.
Hi!  I had mono/di twins and also had to deliver in the OR.  The room was next door to the labor room, so they didn't wheel me into the OR until I was ready to push.  It was a dual setup - so a whole OR team was present just in case.  In addition to the extra hands needed for twins, there must have been close to 15 people.  DH was my only support person by choice, so I'm not sure if others would have been allowed in.  My suggestion is that you request all the extra...
Congrats to you and your family!  That's awesome you all made it to 36w!
#1.  Baby A's water broke at 7:30 am and they gave me until around noon for contractions to come on their own.  Then they started pitocin.   #2.  Fortunately I found an OB at our hospital that was comfortable delivering a breech baby B (which is how she was delivered), but strongly suggested an epidural in case I couldn't tolerate the breech delivery or needed a quick c-section.  I had the epidural line put in place early on but didn't have a dose until right before...
I worked 3 days/week until just before 35w.  I had my mono/di twins at 35w6d.  They came on their own, but the plan was to deliver before 37w anyway. 
I had gained 4 lbs total at my 26w appointment last week. I didn't lose any weight in the beginning either. I feel like I'm stuffing myself, but as others have said, the baby takes what it needs. As long as the belly is measuring OK, I think there is nothing to worry about. My MW is keeping an eye on me - they just want to make sure the baby is growing. It'll be interesting to see how next weeks appointment goes!
My yoga instructor talked about this the other day (she's a RN) and said it doesn't harm the baby any - just might make you feel light-headed or short of breath. So if you feel fine while on your back, it sounds like it's OK.
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