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We have a HUGE number of Legos (mine and my brother's) and other construction things (Lincoln Logs, Tinkertoys, unit blocks, Magnatiles), plus a HUGE number of books (e.g., I have bought her 156 in 2011), plus we take out 15+ a week from the library.  All good suggestions, but I think we've got those covered.
I am thinking of bday presents for DD, who turns 4 in August.  What do your kids (4+) use most?
yes i would be totally into a meetup!!  i will be back at work, but having fridays off.  where will wedding be?  i will be a bridesmaid on july 11 in brooklyn.  i have lots of ideas for fun things to do in the city with kids, but of course.  are the kids going to be attending the wedding??  on l   long train rides are infinitely easier than confinement in a car seat.  you can let the kids run up and down and there is a lot more lap room than on a plane.  lorelei and...
p.s.  with ds, unlike with dd (i think!), i am struggling with overactive letdown, which makes him super gassy and interacts badly with his reflux (which he has indepedently).  i try to block feed but it is not intuitive to me to keep track of time and which boob i am supposed to be using.  and in general the bfing relationship with ds is much different than with dd.  which is sort of disappointing.  i know he's his own person, but it's just weird, yk
aww, thanks shanna!    exciting news from noorjahan on fb.  pls update with deets!!   ds is 2 mos. and loves to dance!  meaning i hold his hands and he stands and moves his hips.  :)  dd is the world's most loving, attentive, enmeshed big sister.  3 y, 3 m turns out to be great spacing for us because she can read to him and to herself when i need some time with him alone.  which i almost never get.  i have been (am in) hell with a work situation -- basically i...
am very conflicted on freestyle vs. pisa.  apparently they don't sell the pis original any more?  i love the idea of being mobile but all of the reviews talk about SPILLED MILK?  which defeats the idea of doing laundry while pumping -- if i can't lean over, why bother? but can i lean over?  what's the deal? 
Hi everyone.  Thanks for the kudos on getting Nugget out!  MMM, I have thoughts for you on your MIL:  did your MIL always favor DP's sis over DP?  That would explain a lot about DP's failure to "stand up" for your family.  Also, did MIL know SIL was having a girl?  Gender preference can be very strong (bewildering to me); when my parents visited after DS's birth (a huge mistake on my part, for DD's adjustment, but that's another story) I was sickened by their constant...
Maela, We had the laughing when being told NO by a very angry Mommy -- she ran away from me on wet/slippery subway platform.  It really infuriated me!  Definitely a parenting low point for me.  Glad someone else's 3 yo is doing it, in a perverse way. (meaning it's normal and my child is not a monster -- i have had my moments of thinking i had massively screwed up by being so UP).
Hi friends.  I have had my hands full!!  I am sorry I didn't write sooner.  DS arrived on his duedate after only an hour and a half of labor!  I had been really strongly expecting babe (gender unknown before birth) to come early, because DD was 6 days early, 2d babies are on average earlier, and my body was not tolerating the pregnancy well at all...  (severe hyperemesis into 3rd tri, massive mood swings toward the end, massive pains all the freaking time, etc.)  So when...
Note also that train set is very open-ended -- nothing that has to go anywhere.
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