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this one is totally my fav http://www.diaperjungle.com/detergent-chart.html
we go to either dr horowitz or his np maureen and while we have done an extremely delayed schedule and are no where near up to date, i cant imagine they would have issues with non vaxing. i would guess they both vax their own kids, but just by judging their clientele, they have to have atleast a handful on non vaxers. their practice is in danvers near the mall.
i have a friend that i met here at mdc and she lives in townsend, i know she likes it there. i also know another mdc mama through this first friend that lives there too....both have kids in the school system. pm me and i can tell you their screen names if you want to pm them. i know atleast one of them is pretty active here and would probably love to answer your questions! i have visited them many times there and it seems like a cute little town, although i think if i...
Quote: Originally Posted by chickabiddy I would not consider straps that have been mildewed and soaked safe to use. $13 for new straps is still a good deal for your friend. thanks - im gonna dry them out, put them in a bag and give it all to her. i am sending her the url with all the info for the exact straps to her email address too. i never know with her what she will want do and dont wanna be accused of telling her what to do but will pass...
just checked the the replacement strap set is only $13.00...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama Mko I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to soak carseat straps. I would order replacements from the company. hmm, i asked a cpst friend who said an oxyclean soak and scrub was fine...i would assume its what you soak it in that would make the difference? not sure
also eta - the crotch buckle/strap i cant seem to get it off the carseat. is it meant to come off like all the other straps? should i force the metal clip through the opening so i can soak it too??
i took out my infant seat to give to a friend that is having a baby in june and although the place where it was being stored is not damp and it was in plastic, the straps have mildew spots. im soaking them in some warm water with oxyclean right now and plan to scrub them after soaking. but if that doesnt work does anyone have any ideas? its a 2.5 yr old graco snugride with those really pale beige straps. it doesnt smell at all and there are no stains at all on the sun...
hey......how do i get a radian 80 for $215??? im all ears
hey....i want cake too
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