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Quote: Originally Posted by an_aurora I'd get the new Frontier85, or RF her in a Radian (not much help here sorry! ). Really, though, any 5-pt harness seat has tons of SIP, so don't worry about the Frontier not having any. It does, really . The Radian XT and XTSL have "wings" but so does the Frontier. I have my just turned 3yo RF, but I think at that age I'd be ok with her FF'ing. I just can't bring myself to do it since she's a peanut the...
Quote: Originally Posted by ilovemyavery Great advice! I'm just going to pop in to note that you shouldn't get it "installed" you should go work with a tech to learn to install it yourself! It might just be semantics, but I always want to be sure parents are learning the installs themselves, rather than having it installed. You might want to call around to find someone who is familiar with the Radian. It's a picky seat, and alot of techs are not familiar...
So I was in a car accident (alone) with our frontier in the back. i am trying to decide whether to just get another frontier or to get the radian80. DD is 39lbs and 39" tall (turned 3 in jan), our other seat is a marathon and she is on the second to highest strap height. I have seen a few charts that compare the strap heights of the seats and although keeping the frontier will give me 2" more of strap height, the radian80 has the side impact that the frontier doesnt. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by mainemommy1 To answer your ? regarding how he fits in the marathon-I can move the straps up one more notch-currently they are in the second notch to the top and sit at his shoulders-not above or below. I guess I can go ahead and move the straps up, right? I personally find my marathon the easiest to install. he did have a frontier too (until i got in a car accident with it installed in the back seat) and found it...
can you just use admin/admin as username/pw for the router?
Quote: Originally Posted by HelloKitty Making friends and influencing people as usual. lol....im not very impressionable, but what you got??
nadda....watchin' some tube....same ole same ole....u?
hey ladies....wondering if anyone has ever given their toddlers the mucinex for kids? dh took dd to our homeopath today, she has had a lingering chesty cough and a temp on and off since friday. to my surprise, he just called me and instead of the little brown bottle of pellets, the np recommended mucinex for kids....im sure he is out buying some now, but i generally stay away from those otcs....especially for my baby. thoughts?
more than the biodegradeable issue...you should be more worried about what is in the diapers....read this article - when i did it made me so glad that i could count on one hand how many packs of disposables i had ever bought. http://maineclothdiaper.com/blog/?p=82 gl with your decision
Quote: Originally Posted by MsGrizzle My sister is due with her first in March. Any recommendations for a ped in the Salem, MA area? Preferably someone on the more holistic side who doesn't prescribe antibiotics at the drop of the hat and is flexible with vaccine decisions? Thanks! dr horowitz is right in danvers, he is a homeopathic md. i believe he does have a waiting list tho, so she should get on it soon if she is considering him.
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