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haverhill has what appears to be quite a large christmas stroll on fri http://www.haverhillchamber.com/inde...ristmas-stroll
i got these for my dd for montessori and she only used them for a month or 2 before pling....but i found *most* of the time they were ok, but what i realized she was doing was holding her pee and then peeing out really fast which sometimes would mean they would leak out the legs cuz they didnt have enough time to absorb. also they run rather large so i had to be sure and fasten them on her really well, sometimes when the teachers changed her they would barely fasten them...
ok so then it must just be a britax "suggestion" i will let my friend know she is a smart girl than i!!
i know you arent supposed to....and i dont machine wash mine. but i was talking about what a pain it was to handwash our marathon cover earlier. its actually the first time i have ever done it, i usually just sponge clean it, but dd has peed in it several times in the last month and it was just time a friend of mine said she machine washes her boulevard cover all the time and why was i hand washing...i told her it was cuz i read the directions from the book and did...
ur tiny vege....wow....maybe he needs new glasses????
they probably didnt know what a vegan was
my dd used meds in the old style and then when she outgrew them i bought some large in the new and HATED them. not sure if it was just the size difference, but they were pricey and i tried so hard to love them. i also felt the elastic wore out SUPER fast on the new style and i hardly even used them.... i would definitely see about getting some more used old style.... oh and how about trying some nb pfs tri folded as inserts while the babe is still small??
Quote: Originally Posted by Penny4Them Where can I get tushies? I'm thinking of using them on Ds for overnughts to avoid longer-term SAP exposure. (can't convince Dh to CD, after many attempts. I respect his preference b/c Ds is non-circ --my wishes NOT Dh's. Touchy subject.) Thanks! Penny you cant actually get them on diapers.com - i thought about using them for dd's preschool before they decided to let me use cloth, this is where i found...
this is a good article... http://maineclothdiaper.com/blog/?p=82 that gel crap scares the heck outta me..
yes i would call and tell them they said they fixed it and they didnt. tell them you want them to fix it or give you your money back. thats a lot for a botched repair.
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