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that sucks that they have changed their rules. i had a bcbs ppo back 2.5 yrs ago and got a large chunk of what i paid my hbmw reimbursed....even though i ended up giving birth in a hosp!! perhaps your mw can bill a large chunk of it out to them as prenatals? im pretty sure that is how i got my money....since they paid the hosp bill for the actual birth.
i am pretty sure that back then they used a wet pail of water and bleach....then wrung them out from there and boiled. i could be wrong tho
ours is in the dinning room (we dont eat in there tho) the changing table is in there too
Quote: Originally Posted by vegemamato you know what assuming does though.. im already an a$$ so it cant really touch me
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie I need to go wake DD up... in 2 hours we need to leave for the airport!!! I don't know whether to or probably both. 4 weeks without dp or dd!!! i could handle it without my dh...but not my dd we're here for you
Quote: Originally Posted by vegemamato are you trying to say I'm purrdy? guess i just assumed so.....since we arent allowed to post links to our pics in siggys anymore, guess i will have to assume
Quote: Originally Posted by vegemamato are we twins or sumthin? hmm, perhaps, but you are probably my better looking twin Quote: Originally Posted by vegemamato and I miss Tinker where the heck did she go anyway?? maybe no one untied her?
ok if my kid wont sleep soon im gonna have to just lock her in here with us so that she cant get out and get in trouble when i fall asleep....dh is snoring
Quote: Originally Posted by ~Purity♥Lake~ Wait, mine are already older than yours. :P I'm just miss overprotective here. Mostly the thing is that I am a gentle discipline, rules are stupid kind of person. My husband is not. Sounds like your daddy. Maybe he needs to apologize again. lol....im pretty protective too, only my mom and sis have ever watched dd....i guess i just decided one day i had to chill on my dh and his parenting skills...
Quote: Originally Posted by ~Purity♥Lake~ That's what I was gonna say!! My husband knows I am on MDC, play face book games, play my sims game, or play WoW. He also knows I'd go insane without entertainment without them. It certainly has never interfered with my ability to parent our children (my main job here) or my ability to cook meals, serve meals, clean up after meals, wash laundry, vacuum, sweep, clean up dog poop in the yard, change bird's cage...
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