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Quote: Originally Posted by ~Purity♥Lake~ Haha, I think Abigail was 36-38 pounds at 2 years. She was 20# at 20 weeks. It's so weird cause her little sister didn't even reach 20 pounds by a year old. Complete opposites, they are. Chloe (their cousin) has definitely got Abi and your little one beat on the size issue. However, she is not the chunkiest babe I've seen, not at all. Abi's thighs used to draw a lot of attention from other moms... jaw dropping,...
my dd has been putting things under the bed covers for about a yr now.....oh and in the doll stroller gl
Quote: Originally Posted by vegemamato I decided to take a cab to the bus station instead of the 1.5 hours the bus would take and Tim apologized Turns out he checked out my history and thought I spend all my time in the sink... boy was he wrong! so whats it to him if you do??? my dh says im addicted to FB. well all he does when he is here is watch tv....whatever
Quote: Originally Posted by medicmama Did he come home Kate? I hate typo's! I end up in so much trouble. he did and even brought me a pumpkin muffin...then took me out, bought me new undies and a purple shirt and 2 pitchers of margaritas at average joes....hmm maybe aliens invaded the earth and i didnt know it Quote: Originally Posted by vegemamato I usually feel better after some orange juice- the vit c help...
he is on his way home....he says that he is like 5 mins away....its 340
Quote: Originally Posted by vegemamato maybe a new diamond ring too (on his cc) ohhh....i do have his cc....hmmmmmmm unfortunately dh is way too smart for a webtracker...he is boarderline genius i think. and he has his own pc and i have mine.
ok going to buys some new undies....(for me - not for him....)
Quote: Originally Posted by medicmama I say let him dig his own grave If he did have someone on the side what would you do? well see im afraid i would never find out if im not on top of it....oh and if i found out he was cheating i would take amelia and go back to maine in a heartbeat. he is just hard to catch...and i really never know Quote: Originally Posted by vegemamato Honestly, if you don't want to up and...
ok so about a month ago i found a BB&B registry sheet printout in the trunk of my car (dh uses this vehicle generally). i didnt know the ppl and a few weeks ago remembered it, pulled it out of my bag and googled the ppl. well they live in maine, not far from my house in maine actually....thats about all i could find about them - oh and that their wedding is today (i *think* at 4 but i left the registry at work and dont remember). so i didnt confront dh (he is a secret...
Quote: Originally Posted by katie9143 cant you just get your hubby to dress up in her gear and "save" you?
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