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Quote: Originally Posted by medicmama I Just got back from fire training! Not fair to tease me with FF in gear like that. I did not fall or wack my head this time!
Quote: Originally Posted by medicmama whats up with the dish washer? Maybe he actually listened! Oh, he is well aware of what I like. just doesnt wash freakin dishes....leaves shit all over them Quote: Originally Posted by medicmama Did Tink fall asleep ? nah she is on FB now
Quote: Originally Posted by medicmama Ok so I had a very interestion conversation with dh this am..... I think he's getting my drift. I may have to run and get some supplies! maybe he has been spying on you?
now if my dishwasher would actually wash dishes i wouldnt always be behind on dishes....well maybe i would be.....but then i wouldnt have anything to complain about....ok maybe i would....hmm
Quote: Originally Posted by medicmama Fish chowder sounds good. Having trouble with the cukes, I have a 8 large apples to use up. I was thinking some type of deseart...I hate apple pie. i used a couple apples in my butternut squash soup and the rest you could make into a quick apple sauce and freeze for baking? Quote: Originally Posted by Tinker I so went looking for the spider in that pic. seriously....theres...
load dishwaster fold cloths - switch clothes - reload washer sweep floors pick up toys clean bathroom im sure there is more.....suppose i can get it done in 2 hrs?
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie oh, and I'm wearing a green dress, green panties and a green bra. all clean, of course (the same dress that I was wearing in this photo i woulda been so afraid that spiders would crawl on my head if i laid down on a tree like that Quote: Originally Posted by medicmama I need to get some things done today but have no ambition. I need to get a grocery list going, I have been a...
Quote: Originally Posted by medicmama typically pants yes. I was trying to say she should keep it clean. oh....im a little slow today.....5 hrs is not enough sleep for me
Quote: Originally Posted by medicmama Clean jeans,clean ls shirt,clean socks,clean ll bean vest. you get it clean? I am loving it all! And the fact he's pretty helps. are you saying you are typically wearing dirty clothes?
im an evil scorpion....guess i cant be friend with y'all
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