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Quote: Originally Posted by salt_phoenix I just chipped & mulched a huge pine tree from the front yard... can it be successfully used for anything? I know the spot underneath where the pine tree used to be is dead. i asked the same thing about a week ago and no one seemed to have an answer for me
Quote: Originally Posted by mamasgroovin Ugh! I don't know Katie. Just been doing a lot of thinking lately. Dh was pissing me off, but he didn't really do anything. The reality of the situation is I am ovulating and now instead of just having an insatiable I now also seem to be getting pms. It sucks, dude. Sucks.
we had company this weekend and my mom and dad came to watch amelia and our friends son who is 6 mos old. i was glad that amelia seemed to get better just in time to tell them that i didnt *think* she would pass anything onto their son. now she is coughing and getting a runny nose : wtf??? we got some outside work done tday, cutting some trees, raking leaves and moving old rocks and pieces of cement. oh and i got rid of my mary statue too. some nice man from...
Quote: Originally Posted by Peony Good to hear. : I'm glad to see a new face around here, welcome! I was right, 11:50 is when I received a pissed toddler. DH ignored my instructions that he had to go to bed with her before she woke up looking for me. She doesn't wake up that mcuh as long as their a warm body to snuggle with, which of course wasn't there. There is no way she was going to go back to sleep once she realized I wasn't...
Quote: Originally Posted by TwinsTwicePlusTwo OK, I think I just peed myself. I have a matching pair of lap gargoyles, but they only cling after dark . . . omg im so glad i dont have 2 of them!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Peony I guess everyone has a life today. I just told DH that he was not going out for a beer after work. He rarely ever does but tonight is NOT the night for that. I'm getting sick and if the children don't kill each other first, then I'm going to be tempted to throw them outside in the snow to fend for themselves. haha....that would piss my dh off.....but he never goes anywhere so i wouldnt have to worry. my...
Quote: Originally Posted by mamatoablessing You could also do a spinach artichoke dip, using mayo (or veganaisse) and a soy based sour cream like Tofutti's Sour Supreme. And then nut crackers like Nut Thinz. thats a good idea too.....then i would have one hot and one cold
those are awesome ideas! thanks so much. i dont know why i didnt of hummus! i think i will make roasted red pepper hummus, that sounds really good, with veggies sticks and corn chips. oh and she is a great friend and would so the the same and more for me, its the least i can do!
thanks so much!
we have some friends coming down with their 6 month old son on sat, i wanted to make some hors d'oeuvre's and cocktails for when they arrive. my poor friend has a slew of issues and has had more since having her son and bfing and not being able to take some of her meds. basically she just told me she is eating no dairy, very very little wheat products and is trying to stay away from things very acidic (tomato was the example she used) she just started seeing a...
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