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I don't have any advice but I just wanted to send you a virtual
My daughter sees her dad half the time and she is still sad. It's been 4 months and the "depression" hasn't gone away. I'm in the same boat, mama. and I don't know what to do either.
I lived with my ex for years feeling trapped, lonely, and basically without a friend. I voiced all these concerns to him, suggested counseling, but he wasn't willing. Decent man, provider, but extremely different from me. what changed? Over the summer, I got a job outside the home. The feeling of independence the job gave me, led to the courage of telling him, divorce was the only way to go. But before we could work out logistics, he moved 75 miles away and took our...
Quote: Originally Posted by meemee kelly - if you are who i think you are - i am so sorry that this is the plate life has handed you. i can totally relate to you because i wanted more kids but with a dad and not without one. i am so sorry girl. i know life is HARD, but you have spunk. you will just take all this under your wings and move on. however i will say this much. dont expect this one to be your only either. age difference might not be what...
Quote: Originally Posted by crittersmom I think the guy was still guilty.He babbled about how he had made them immortal and stuff.His assistant just takes care of everything probably right down to disposal. Rita needs to see what a husband who really is no help is like.Dexter is always there for her and the kids, did she forget why he fell asleep at the wheel??She ticks me off and her house is too clean. Its pretty neat how Dexter is trying to learn how...
happy birthday sesame street! I grew up watching it in arabic, urdu, and english!
Quote: Originally Posted by Kiki Runs Real quick - Anyhooo.... HI! I think I've peeked in here from time to time, and then life gets busy (and I have nothing to report dating-wise) so I'm not here much. I'll re-introduce: 29, divorced, student, mama to 6yoDS and 4yoDD. I'm not doing much dating, for lots of reasons (lack of time/availability, lack of money, lack of prospects in my dating pool, etc). I do eventually hope to have a long-term...
Very cool. I have done some medical transcriptioning in my field. (healthcare admin).. I really enjoyed it.. kept me upto date on typical doctors exams and procedures. anyway, congratulations again and good luck with everything!
congratulations! curious about the program? Is it in the healthcare field? could you get financial aid?
can't wait for tonight!
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