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Quote: Originally Posted by finn'smama Aw, poor Caroline. It's amazing how quick they heal though. Finn broke his leg when he was around 13 months and it was as good as new really fast. I couldn't believe it. And yes, I'm very newly pregnant with number 3, so it's still a secret (especially from facebook!). That means all my kids will have April birthdays!! Ahhhhhh! I was just looking you up to see how TTC was going! And I find that we...
My son's name, Ion, is common for stuff (a lot of it, like a tv channel and a car, that we didn't know about) but not very common for a name. It always felt like the right name for him even though I sometimes doubted it and felt funny. It suits him perfectly, and he likes it. Grownups want to either call him Ian or say it with a soft I. We joke that will call another son Atom--but we just might. We've heard of a few Zions, but no other Ion's in town. It is technically...
Same as an adult would get.
Quote: Originally Posted by finn'smama hanno, are you guys gonna go for it soon??! : So I ended up just sleeping last night and today I am having some wet cm, so what do I do now?? I think we should go for it tonight and then no more! And since I read that it's better if the woman doesn't have an orgasm, I guess I'll be one frustrated ovulating chic this weekend. Late summer if everything goes well I really really want to up my chances of...
around midnight- 2 years old he wakes at around 11 am I think he's trying to maximize dad time even though it kind sucks for dad, who has to be up by 6am.
Quote: Originally Posted by finn'smama Well, I guess I should go to bed. I'm probably 2 or 3 days before O right now I inadvertently stumbled on this thread and am laughing my butt off! I'll sub for info too though since we do already have a leftover girl name
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride ETA: With respect to the above post, and the post that it quoted...I'm honestly curious as to why? What difference does it make if he has something around his waist while he does dishes? I would not want to find pubic hair on my plate if I ate at their house. Just like how the cats are not allowed on the counters or how I don't sit my bare butt on someone's furniture. Just basic hygiene.
It would bother me that he didn't at least put a towel around his waist to do dishes. YUCK. Same for cooking or eating.
Pretty much every injury must either be kissed (bumps) or have milk sprayed on it (cuts and scrapes). He's 23 months.
Quote: Originally Posted by erin_brycesmom I really don't like the words "surges" or "waves" in place of contractions. Quote: Originally Posted by the_lissa Me too. They make me want to strangle whoever says it. really? who are you to say what something felt like? My early contractions didn't feel like I was contracting anything. It felt just like an energy flow going through my body from my scalp to my toes. ...
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