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I am actually trying to get my church to change it's policies on diaper changes.  I don't think it's good for the child to have various people changing his or her diaper every sunday.  I want my child (and every child) to learn that their body is their own, and having any old person change the diaper sends the message that big people can do what they want with your underclothes and your body.  I don't understand why it would be a turn off for you to maybe have to change...
  If they couldn't make it, then you would more likely see a puddle somewhere away from the train table heading in the direction of the bathroom (wherever it is).  Right by the train table means they stayed too long playing, not that the bathroom is too far.
Where my mom lives if you have a case of beer in your car, with some of the cans missing.  They consider that open liquor and can ticket you.  also, a half drunk bottle of wine, same thing.  So if you have a mini van or some sort of vehicle without a separate trunk, you can't transport half gone alcohol home from a party or wherever.  My mom doesn't really drink and always wants to send beer home with us, but we can't take it.
Wow, his stuff is beautiful!
      LOL!!!  I am going to call him that the next time I'm with my dad, who loves FLW.    He wasn't a very good husband, that's for sure.  
I've also seen Lego "fruit" snacks.  Those would be cute.
saw this just now -   http://www.lamebook.com/the-art-of-motherhood/motherart1/
well, right.  but what if the line was the same for everything.  18 - you can do whatever you want.  I'v always felt if you are old enough to be drafted, you should be able to order a beer if you like.  But here, the drinking age is 21.        Even without a law, I think most people are going to see tattooing a 7 year old as irresponsible (I think MDC is an anomily).  But then again, we are allowed to pierce babies ears :(
Boy with Loaded Gun by Lewis Nordan is a memoir that is lol funny.
We don't generally have showers for anything other than the 1st.  But every baby certainly gets acknowledged.  People come visit, and sometimes bring a little gift.  But the shower, to me, isn't so much about the baby being born, but a woman becoming a mom and a family expanding in a different way for the first time.  Blessingways happen sometimes for subsequent babies, but those are usually very intimate and don't always include gifts of any kind.
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