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  I have to say, while I don't agree with the idea of tattooing a child, your argument makes a lot of sense.
no, that's correct.  I guess you could leave the kids in the car.  But there are lots of people (right here on this site, as a matter of fact) who would not approve.  I don't think it's such a big deal, personally.  
          My impression was that chamomile girl is sincere in her use of "soul-crushing".  Didn't seem to be hyperbole at all based on her responses. :shrug
nm not worth it.  have agreat night.
okay - I can't speak to what most people do - only what I've personally seen done.  And I am pretty much the exact opposite of New age.  Still - not comparable to wearing a nazi costume.
      I am not going to agree that calling a special gathering for a mother to be by the same name that a certain ethnic group calls something very similiar is at all the same as someone coming dressed as a nazi to a costume party.  sorry.  
I think soul crushing tends to have more to do with one's soul, than one's environment.  I mean, Nelson Mandela spent how many years in prison (unfairly) and his soul was not crushed.   Living in a neighborhood of cookie cutter houses can crush your soul if you let it, I guess.  But I think if you wanted, your soul could flourish there, as well.
But look at all those cookie cutter houses!  ;)
But look at all those cookie cutter houses!  ;)
On my street (which is in a true suburb of a very large city) there is are bungalows, victorians, "traditional"s, ranches, split levels.    Even frank lloyd wrights houses (and can anyone really argue that he was not a great architect??) tend to look similiar in neighborhoods...
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