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  I'm with Arduinna.  Also, so many big ciities ( i am thinking san fran and chicago) have lots of neighborhoods with the same houses over and...
And what about the members of the group who appreciate others embracing their culture?  Should we just ignore them because they don't make as much noise?
  What are the consequences, exactly, other than offending some women on the internet?  Unless she runs in NAvajo circles, at which point, she can get some meaningful input on the term...
  I'm not upset.  More like exasperated by the PC police.   Unless every single Navajo agree on how the term may be used, I'm not interested in even considering what (are mostly) middle class white women on a natural parenting board have to say.  I was just lending support to anyone who chooses to use the term :)  We'll have to agree to disagree.   HAve a great day, everyone.  I mean that sincerely. 
I am pretty sure not all Navajo feel this way.  You can't speak for an entire group.
best post ever on blessingways...   http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/778097/please-rethink-using-the-term-blessingway-to-describe-your-baby-shower-new-info/200#post_11343107   this poster also suggests in another thread the idea of explaining the origin of the term blessingway and asking, in lieu of gifts, for people to bring a donation for a group that supports Navajo...
You know what word I find way more offensive as far as cultural (mis)appropriation goes?  Yoni.  And its used all the time here.  How dare we white people use the sanskrit term???  It is sacred to them, too.
Is the offical language of the Dine English?  If not, then is Blessingway really even the same term?  Let's take BAr mitzvah as an example.  Should people use the term  to describe a party for a non jewish 13 year old?  probably not.  But I don't really see a problem for a non-jew to have a coming of age ceremony and "son of the commandment -(if that means something to them - they're religious, etc...) ceremony.  What is the term in the Dine's language?  Protect that. ...
one thing I've done for a blessingway is as the "favor" give every guest a candle with a little inspiration word or quote tied around it.  Then when the mom to be goes into labor, we all light our candles.
There are tons of words out there that originally were part of a specific culture, but now are part of the greater language.   I use the term blessingway to describe what the op is looking for.   Rather than baby shower.  Words and terms have to start somewhere.
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