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I love your tree topper - what a great idea!!
    WIC does NOT do home visits.   
exactly.  how awful could she be when she is giving you such a  break on rent - you haven't paid in 6 months but she hasn't evicted you.  Your husband needs to step up.
  Well her mother in law would not win a lawsuit over the rent - the apartment is illegal.  But there is karma to consider and good familial relations.  
I agree with you for the reasons some of us have weak immune systems.  My husband gets lots of colds - he eats about 2 servings of fruits or vegetables a WEEK.  I just think people shouldn't blame others for getting a sick. 
  I would.  It is also very common where I live.  And actually, I am pretty sure most of the people who do it out of their homes aren't "up to code", etc...so maybe it wouldn't be neccesary to spend as much as you think.
I am sorry for your husband's challenges.  I really am.  however, many people have to go out and do things even when sick with contagious illnesses.  It would IRresponsible of them to stay home.  Like the single mom who doesn't have any sick days.  It sucks, but the responsibility is on the vulnerable person to protect themselves.  And to say people who go out while sick are irresponsible is incredibly offensive and shows a real lack of understanding of working class poor.
THat isn't necessarily true people get sick because of their weak immune systems
  I agree with Holly - I don't ever get or want a vacation from being a mom.  That would like getting a vacation from being a woman.  Or a human.  Being a mom is just part of who I am.  Now everyone needs time to refresh (moms dads non-parents etc) but that is different.  If you are feeling burnt out, then by all means, please find ways to take care of yourself.  But even while you are getting a manicure or a cup of coffee alone or whatever, you are still a mom. ...
      I will look at that!  Thanks :)  
New Posts  All Forums: