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wow!  Thanks for this - I have never heard of a recipe like this - I just make regular old biscuits - I will try this though next time :)
Good idea - thanks :)
No - I haven't done ant research yet.   I just saw this post and it had already been on my ind because I was reading a book recently about world war 2 where they talked about writing letters.  I thought that would be a nice thing for myself and my kids to do.  But I didn't know if people even wrote letters anymore...    
  Yes - I wish I hadn't known ahead of time.  Like I said - they caught her defect in utero.  But it ruined my pregnancy with her - knowing about it and worrying.  I understand that other people think it would help to know.  In general, though, I am a less is more kind of person.  I figure most stuff can be handled after the baby is born. 
My mom brought me home a traditional baby carrier from ehtiopia a couple of years ago .  It's beautiful. I wish there was a magazine...
Well, and I know that my daughters defect would have been picked up immediately after she was born.   She had a very pronounced murmur.  Most people I know were diagnosed following birth. 
    Do you have info on ways my kids could hand write cards and send them to a military member?  Do people even do that, or is everyone on email now?  
      How do they determine if it's automimmune or congenital?  I am just curious (not arguing).  I have a friend who had hypothyroid (assumed congenital) and it didn't show up until she was between 3 and 4 months of age, when her mom stopped breastfeeding her (40 years ago).  So, it is possible for it to be congenital and not present for a couple of months.  My daughter was born with congenital hypothyroid.  She is 3 now - she has been on synthroid all along.  Hers was...
you would get referred if there is a reason (risk factors, seeing something on the u./s etc...(
  Yes.  and then again at 5.5 months.  I am glad we knew because she was born at the right hospital (if we hadn't known I probably would have had her at a community hospital and she would have had to be transferred - leaving me at a different hospital).   But It was really hard going through the pregnancy knowing we were facing newborn heart surgery.  I really thought she was going to die :(  and so I had a hard time loving her (we didn't know the sex until after she...
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